Scavino live streams a “watch the water video”…

Video length 2:36.

March 5th “watch the water” delta involving NK.

Post 236 is a March 6th delta…

“Think Asia”

“Think NK”

“How do you remove your enemies from positions of influence and power?

“Define stages”

“Define proxy war”

Anon on 8kun who warned of big news coming for Feinstein the day before her husband died, also warned of big Pelosi news coming and said that NK will be in the news soon (attacking Biden)

“Does POTUS control all matters classified?”

Makes me think of recent posts from @archiveanon …

Also Trump is straight up telling us that Taiwan is next.

Watch the water indeed.

Relentless Truth @lebronsonroids


They know 
We know 
Soon the world will know 
These people worship Satan