March 6, 2022

As we know our own media is lying about Putin and Russia and hiding the corruption and bio labs news in Ukraine but they are also censoring Russian news agencies.


Because the world population would see live news stories like this.

Russian troops bringing tons of food and medicine shipments from Russia for the “liberated” people in Ukraine that were being slaughtered by their own government.

As Trump often says. The media is the enemy of the people.

Here’s proof.

March 6,2022

You are exactly right.

The EU/NATO wanted to put nukes in Ukraine right on Russia’s border. They already have bio labs for producing bio weapons in Ukraine.

Putin actually cares for his people and is not going to let the enemy threaten them.

We would do the same and have done the same in Cuba.

Total hypocrisy.

The fact is if the corrupt US government had not put bio labs in Ukraine and the EU/nato weren’t threatening to put nukes in Ukraine by letting them join NATO there wouldn’t be a war right now.

Thank God the real enemy is being exposed.

Everyone notice how Trump never advocated for Ukraine to join NATO?

Trump bashed it as a corrupt cesspool of the cabal and deep state.

His view on that hasn’t changed.

…and they know it.

He can singlehandedly crash the enemy’s entire corrupt central bank debt system and they are panicked.

I hope he does and I believe it’s been part of the plan with Trump all along as Trump is off the stage

March 6, 2022

Don’t be discouraged JJ. You are a very valuable source of info in this group.

We disagree on several things as most people know because we come at them from two different perspectives.

You stated very well that you are fact based which is certainly true and one of the things I really appreciate about you. You are my go to source on the LOW as you know.

My perspective is a lot different.

I think I truly am a natural spit baller.

I ask myself possibilities even without proof and try to make my best guess based on past experience and my own common sense and gut.

Sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong 

I always try to see what’s about to happen and the signs pointing to it.

Those are two different perspectives and neither are wrong.

We’re just different.

As I have often said you keep me on my toes and it’s like iron sharpening iron which for me personally is a valuable thing.

That’s why I appreciate you so much and am proud to call you my friend.

Plus as I’ve stated before, I’m a “know it all” personality which can be a curse. Along with the ability to debate and the joy I get doing it.

I want you to know if my comments have led to people being rude to you then I apologize.

I will always defend your right to share your opinion because even when I disagree you give me personally some great insight.

Blessings as always friend

March 6, 2022

You are a blessing to me JJ!

Buckle up though.

Things are going to get a lot tougher as far as disagreement in our truther community.

We are only now entering the beginning stages of the hidden enemy being trapped in a corner.

They will do anything at this point to keep us divided.

A world united against the hidden enemy is their biggest fear and means game over.

First we saw censorship of truthers on social media.

Now they are censoring all Russian media for the same reason.

You should check out my earlier post today with the live report on Russian news

March 6, 2011

Probably true. It’s always been a media war for the hearts and minds of humanity.

I just want people to see both sides and none of our media is giving the Russian side.

Did you watch JustHuman livestream Wednesday?

March 6, 2022

Yep. Russian military is hunting them down. They are modern day brown shirts and I’ll bet Ukrainian’s are helping Russia hunt them down too

March 6, 2022

I think if I’m not mistaken that you have said before that Trump had exhausted all legal means and the military was the only way as they had all the evidence.

I was of the opinion the Supreme Court will still play a role which means those legal means were not exhausted at all and it’s been the plan all along.

Nickels please!


March 6,2022

Because of this Russia just bombed all the runways in the western part of Ukraine. Russia will not give up air superiority

March 6, 2022

Definitely but we are getting close to the end game. They are desperate. 

Their central bank debt system is now exposed and Putin can destroy it

March 6, 2022

I know it is.


Does anybody think Trump would devolve the military after the election steal and then give the nuclear football to the enemy?


March 6, 2022

Our government was training the neo Nazi brown shirts in the Ukrainian military.

Putin is hunting them down

March 6, 2022

Thank you for those kind words!

I was wrong about Russia invading Ukraine. I thought it was all for media narrative.

Kyle from JustHuman called it from the beginning.

He’s my foreign affairs go to resource.

I did not know Ukraine had a bunch of bio labs paid for by our tax dollars though.

Had I known that ahead of time I would have been cheering Putin going into Ukraine

March 6, 2022

I’m not saying anybody’s voice is not trustworthy except the media. I believe Trump and those around him are doing Kayfabe. They are using the media narrative against Biden exactly like they did with Afghanistan.

They are destroying the democrat party

March 6, 2022

Yes. Trump and those around him we trust are talking to the normies.

Everything they are saying comes from a perspective of “ what do normies know?”

Normies have been brainwashed their whole lives that Putin and Russia are our enemies when all they want to do is be left alone and not threatened by nato/EU.

Trump is using that media narrative and boomeranging it back on Biden as weak.

Just my opinion

March 6, 2022

You are misunderstanding what I’m saying.

Our soldiers died in Afghanistan because Biden didn’t listen to his generals and pulled the military and state department out first and told everyone including Afghan’s to get to the airport if they wanted out.

ISIS suicide bombed our troops and civilians there. Not the Taliban.

Immediately afterwards the Taliban went door to door hunting down ISIS and there hasn’t been an incident since.

No Americans killed by the Taliban or taken hostage. The Taliban were helping Americans get out of Afghanistan.

What I was talking about was what Trump was saying about the Afghanistan debacle.

It was Kayfabe.

Trump knew the Taliban were keeping his Doha agreement yet in the media Trump would say how bad it was in Afghanistan and bash Biden.

He’s doing the exact same play from the playbook in Ukraine in my opinion

March 6,2022

But he’s not legitimate. He’s any enemy combatant.

I believe everything playing out is for the normies sake to ensure all elections are secure going forward.

Just my opinion though

March 6, 2022

Exactly. We are going to be used as Flynn’s digital army that can’t be censored to wake up the normies on a lot of things

March 6, 2022

Truth Social will be the big voice where we will wake them up and not be censored.

It’s going to become the town square and replace the media

March 6, 2022

They only recently got the servers the election officials refused to turn over to the Arizona senate and real investigations take time if you do it right.

No leaks. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Plus this isn’t a case of local election fraud in Arizona.

It’s a RICO case.

A nationwide conspiracy by the democrats with help from China to steal our entire election, not just the Arizona election.

This is treason and it must be done right

March 6, 2022

Here’s an article talking about Trump being the first modern day president not to attend the inauguration of the incoming president and so did not hand off the nuclear football.

Lib media made a big stink about it.

So the question is.

Who really has them and are Biden’s fake?

My answer is Trump never relinquished them to the enemy and I’m sticking to it

March 6, 2022

That’s certainly a possibility. We have been flying periodic missions over Afghanistan.

My bet is we are helping the Taliban target foreign terrorists in their country and it’s the 800 man force Chris Miller talked about that would be permanent

March 6, 2022

Yes. And that they are the enemy.

Why devolve the military if you’re going to give the enemy the nuclear codes?

Didn’t happen.

This isn’t politics.

It’s war

March 6, 2022

I don’t believe anybody in the Biden administration has the real nuclear codes at all.

They are the enemy in a real war. This isn’t politics.

Why devolve the military then hand the codes to Biden.

I don’t believe Biden gets real intelligence briefings either.

I also don’t believe he has the power to send our troops to war.

He transfers them around. Troop rotation. That’s it.

He is not legitimate and I don’t believe there’s any way Trump put anything of importance in our military in his hands.

That would not be upholding his oath of office.

I lean towards the entire election being illegitimate and Trump being a president in exile similar to what Slag has implied.

Publicly Trump is on the sidelines but I’m willing to bet if China suddenly attacked us the whole world would find out Trump is still the real CIC

March 6, 2022

I believe Biden is playing pretend. He only has the power that others relinquish to him by choice.

He has literally lost every single lawsuit against his EO’s and mandates.

Every red state flips him the finger and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Every company that tells him they aren’t following his mandates has nothing to fear.

His AG can only write threatening letters to people.

Trump is purposely off the stage because we are watching a play directed by Trump and for the normies.

You have to try and see everything through the normies lens to understand the media war.

I also believe all the big events will happen while Trump is off the stage setting up the final showdown between worldwide patriots and the cabal.

All just my opinion though

March 6, 2022

He walked away “publicly”.

Big difference.

The whole world knows Trump is still in charge and so do the democrats.

The only ones that don’t are the normies.

You have to view everything through their eyes.

Trump is off the stage publicly.


To expose nationwide election fraud to “the normies” in order to fix all elections permanently. Including in blue states

March 6, 2022

They need a case from a state legislature because they are the ones with standing over elections in the constitution

March 6, 2022

I think they know they have no real power and also know what’s coming but can’t stop it.

This is all being played out to expose the hidden enemy to the normies not those already red pilled.

When the normies of the world awaken to the hidden enemy controlling their governments puppets the game will be over.

March 6, 2022

If he’s working behind the scenes with our military, the devolved military, then what is the difference if it’s just not public?

If the entire election was fraudulent and an act of war then why would Trump not still be CIC?

We don’t know for sure he’s not.

He literally set up a shadow presidency.

We can see the evidence of that.

To pretend he’s not heavily involved in all of it to me is illogical.

We are in a situation we have never been in before ever.

You can’t go by past rules of legitimate elections when this one wasn’t and our military already knows it.

The rules have completely changed.

It’s war. Not politics

March 6, 2022

Yes! Lot’s of things he does and says. Hints to the red pilled while at the same time going along with the media narrative that he’s on the sidelines and Biden is president

March 6, 2022

The ball is rolling and will continually get worse for the enemy.

I’m on record saying March Madness 

April showers 

I believe these next two months will expose a lot to the normies and Truth Social will play a huge part in it

March 6, 2022

Look up Slag’s sub stack. He does great work on the possibility of Trump being a president in exile.

I think Trump comes back after the military takes over when the election is tossed and we have a new election creating a new civilian government after there have been mass arrests

March 6, 2022

Average gas prices now at $4.

Hasn’t been that high since the housing bubble burst in 2008.

Guess what?

It will go to a national average of $4.50 in just a few short weeks

March 6, 2022

That’s a great post. You clearly have a lot of experience and explain things very well.

I would add one little thing if you don’t mind.

I also believe Biden was allowed to screw up the already negotiated plans in Afghanistan because it would be the catalyst to begin the collapse of his poll numbers and the destruction of the democrat party which I believe has always been a big part of the plan in order to unite the American people

March 6, 2022

Bad news incoming my friends.

The game is almost up.

I’ve been waiting all day for the futures to go live along with the oil price.

Oil was around $115 a barrel.

It just opened at $126 a barrel.

It’s on it’s way to $150.

Trump said it could hit $200.

He might not have been exaggerating.

Inflation is about to hit everything. Food is going to spike.

Prepare yourselves

March 6, 2022

I agree and I think the next two months are going to be huge

March 6, 2022

You and I are on the same page. I think the central banks debt system collapse is on the way and the spike in oil will then spike inflation which will bring the collapse sooner rather than later.

The sooner the better as far as I’m concerned

March 6, 2022

Putin holds all the cards.

The central bank debt system is being placed in a corner where there is no escape.

Putin will crash the entire global debt system and Trump will come back leading us into a new gold backed currency with no more Fed or income tax.

Inflation is about to seriously spike and go double digits.

Prepare yourself

March 6, 2022

I did not. Watching some hockey.

Still formulating it but admittedly I haven’t kept up with all the Taiwan news which would certainly effect my spit ball

March 6, 2022

Russia and China showing the world how to not be controlled by the central banks

March 6, 2022

Gold at $1987

It will hit $2000 this week easily

March 6, 2022

Definitely. Putin is already talking gold backed currency. Trump has spoken about the same thing in the past and I believe it’s been his plan all along.

No more debt system controlled by the Rothschilds

March 6, 2022

The whole world will go back to real currency instead of fiat currency the cabal can print at will