Serious question, does anyone know what will happen to the ones who were conned into taking the vaccine?

X22 report had a special with Dr Zelenko yesterday and it’s a very informative 80 minutes, discussing what is likely to happen and what people can do to reverse the effects of the jab.

Dr. Zelenko,  Board Certified Family Physician with over 20 years experience, was nominated for the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Nobel Prize.

Dr. Zelenko’s team was one of the first in the country to successfully treat thousands of Covid-19 patients in the pre-hospital setting. Dr. Zelenko developed his now famous “Zelenko Protocol,” which has saved countless lives worldwide.

Dr. Zelenko recommended that President Trump take hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. Zelenko begins the conversation explaining that the death jab will have medical problems because the death jab was not a vaccine, it was to reduce the population and the [DS]/Big Pharma fell short of their goal. But there is hope. Those who received the death jab have the ability to shield or maybe even reverse what was given to them.