“I mean – the dude *is* Russian, I’m pretty sure game theory applies here…

Do I think Putin is a good guy? Nah probably not. That is to say – I probably wouldn’t sit with the dude for dinner. 

That said; he isn’t a Satanist. He isn’t a Globalist, and he isn’t a Pedophile. And that is exactly why [they] are losing their fuggin’ minds right now, and exactly why I refuse to believe anything [they] say about him. 

What I see is the Deep State ree’ing their brains out to a level I’ve never, EVER seen. And I like that. I like that a lot. 

“Shall we play a game?”…”


“We’re now at the stage of “Oh…you meant THOSE U.S. funded bioweapons labs in Ukraine!” in this movie.” — Brian Cates

Pepe Lives Matter:

“If Putin and Xi are working to end the NWO it doesn’t make sense for China to release the virus. Everything seems centered around Ukraine in a plot twist worthy of rivaling any movie.  Biden, Soros, McCain, Romney, Pelosi, and many more deep state players orbit around the cess pool that is Ukraine. 

What if Soros and the US deep state wanted to pin the release of Covid on China?

A false flag of worldwide significance. What if Putin is making a chess move that will put an end to this charade?

It boggles the mind to consider the possibilities.”

“Wait until people find out who gave the Nazis precision shoulder-fired missiles…”