A knife is a cutting utensil until it’s used to stab you. This semantics game is how the left has destroyed everything.

Colonel Roxanne

BioClandestine warns:

“Now, something incredibly important we need to cover as I see other Anons are reaching out for clarification surrounding the difference between “Biological Laboratory” and “Biological Research Facility”.

Let me make this abundantly clear. THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME FUCKING THING!

Nuland and the deep state rats are playing semantics with you and utilizing euphemisms to make their biolab activity appear less diabolical and trying to discourage us from proceeding. 

In order to conduct research on biological pathogens, you need a laboratory to house the pathogens. Every single research facility housing Biological material, is a laboratory. The harmful pathogens are on site. The only thing preventing that pathogen from being used for research and used as a weapon, is the INTENT of those in control of the laboratory. 

At ANY MOMENT they could release these pathogens. That is the moment it becomes a bioweapon. When the user decides to use it as a weapon. Just like a carrot is not a weapon, until I decide to stab you in the eye ball with it. Now it’s a weapon. 

Does it make sense? These “research facilities” are housing the most harmful and deadly pathogens known to man that at any moment can be released. We are also genetically modifying and altering these pathogens to target specific genome sequences, meaning targeting specific races and nationalities with specific DNA sequences. 

Do not let them fool you with their wordage. Laboratory and Research Facility are the exact same thing. They are attempting to deceive you. Don’t let them.”