It’s so wild to watch Tucker do a whole hour [tonight] explaining why we need answers on the biolabs in Ukraine and then Sean Hannity and Jen Griffin come on and say everyone needs to shut up about biolabs in Ukraine or they are Putin lovers.

“How did all these bioweapons get here!”

They want you to forget Victoria Nuland said the things she said.

So Ukraine gave up their Soviet nukes but kept their Soviet bioweapons is my takeaway from the last 24 hours

Has anyone pointed out the Russian invasion forces Z, V, O, A spell AZOV?

No one is even talking about Lavrov and the Ukrainian Foreign Minister meeting in Turkey today

They discussed a Putin – Zelensky meeting

We are in the midst of economic and informational world wars being waged on civilian populations both home and abroad

Jack Posobiec on how Poland avoided ‘hot potato’ of being dragged by US into war with Russia

“The United States government is trying to frame Poland for starting World War Three and we cannot overlook this,” Posobiec said.


NOTE: Unbelievable. But true. Whose side are they on?

This tells us.

EU parliament votes to sanction Hungary and Poland in midst of Ukraine war — despite both countries welcoming 1.6 million refugees in a fortnight

The European Parliament voted on Thursday morning in favor of imposing sanctions on Hungary and Poland, its two member states that have received the largest number of Ukrainian refugees following the invasion by Russia on Feb. 24. The EU legislative body supported the call for the European Commission to place immediate sanctions on the two […]