Security Council on Russia allegations of military biological activities in Ukraine (11 March 2022)

Threats to international peace and security – Security Council, 8991st meeting 

High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Izumi Nakamitsu and Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs Rosemary DiCarlo are expected to brief.

They’re all still wearing masks LOL

Omicron beat you guys. Admit it. Take the masks off.

Of course before the Russians get to present their evidence, they’re gonna spend a whole lot of time rhetorically beating the crap out of Putin over this supposedly completely unnecessary war and all the damage it’s doing.

The Under Secretary-General at the Secuirty Council meeting is still playing the “Russia is targeting maternity wards and civilians” schtick.  

We all know that’s BS disinformation propaganda. 

Last ditch effort before Putin Drops a MOAB.

UN is now getting it’s denial on the record  of any knowledge of bioweapons labs or programs active in Ukraine before Russia can present it’s evidence.

BWC – Biological Weapons Convention.

UN High Rep for Disarmament  making the very valid point that a country deliberately violating the BWC is a very serious thing.

Rep. is now explaining that if any signee of the BWC has a complaint against other BWC signee for a violation, they can make that complaint at the UN Security Council, so she’s kind of redundantly explaining why they are all there today – because Russia is making just such a complaint against Ukraine and the US.

Russian ambassador to the UN has begun making his opening statement.

Russian ambassador directly states he is accusing the US Dept. of Defense of having done experiments on pathogens in Ukraine that are in direct violation of the BWC both Russia and the US signed in 1972.

Fox News is not covering any of this at the UN.

Breaking: Russia reports to UN Security Council that US was funding GAIN OF FUNCTION bio experiments in Ukraine labs.

Color me shocked that the Russians claim they have evidence that the same people funding gain of function research on pathogens in Wuhan were also funding gain of function research on pathogens in Ukraine.


All of these people were overseas at the same time last week:

-Sec of State Pompeo in Taiwan (met with President Tsai)

-Former JCoS Chairman Gen Mullen plus “top defense officials” in Taiwan (met with President Tsai and Defense Minister Chiu)

-Fmr Acting DNI & Amb. Ric Grenell in Serbia

-Chairman JCoS Gen Milley at an “undisclosed airfield near Ukraine” (presumably in Germany, Poland or Romania). 

-VP Pence in Israel (met with FMR PM Netanyahu + current PM Bennet and President Herzog)

Two of these people are/were on the “regular attendees” list for the National Security Council Principals Committee when President Trump issued EO 13961 (the Federal Mission Resiliency Strategy EO aka “The Plan”) on Dec 7th, 2020. 

From Patel’s Devolution Part 13:

‘the whole purpose of the Executive Order and the Strategy is to “increase the resilience of the executive branch.” To “ensure the continuity of operations, continuity of government, and enduring constitutional government.”’

What are the odds that so many critically important individuals to the Trump Admin and to Devolution would all be traveling to such important places all at the same time? 

Network of 30 biological laboratories in Ukraine?????


Russian Federation: “We’ve convened the meeting, we have uncovered an operation of biological warfare operation cleanup in Kiev. We have discovered they were weaponizing the plague, anthrax, and other lethal pathologics controlled by the United States”

Back to Cates:

Russian ambassador now alleging there is evidence much of this illegal research being done in direct violation of the BWC in Ukraine by the United States involved targeting of specific ETHNICITIES and DNA groups.

Russian Federation: we found that they were taking blood samples of Slavics which can be used to create pathologics that can specifically target certain ethnic groups.

Russian Federation: we received the information of Kiev biolabs that they were studying H5N1 which has a mortality rate of 50%. We also found they were studying Plague, leptosporiosis, being able to pass from bats to humans. These studies were conducted in the heart of eastern europe right next to the russian border.

Fox News right now:  “Putin Widens Brutal Assault Into Wester Ukraine”.


Russian Federation: 320 containers of biopathogens were destroyed in connection with a military program


Russian Ambassador now detailing the claim that there was way too much of these kinds of biological pathogens in these labs seized by Russia for just mere benign research and claims it must have been a military biological weapons program.


Russian Federation: Kiev is working with US to coverup their violations of the biological weapons convention so as to prevent Russia from discovering this evidence

Russian Federation: 320 containers of biopathogens were destroyed in connection with a military program

Russian Federation: US is not providing good information on their role in these pathological bioweapon research programs. The State Department of the US suggest that the US is not involved. But there is proof online suggesting otherwise with plans to use them on the local subjects of Ukraine.

Russian Federation: the United States appears to have something to hide

Russian Federation: Kiev decided to use these pathologic diseases on their Ukranian citizens

Russian Federation: Kiev is working with US to coverup their violations of the biological weapons convention so as to prevent Russia from discovering this evidence

Russian Federation: What we told you today is a very small portion of what we have as evidence.  We will release the contents in whole in the very near future


Russian ambassador ends by saying Russia could invoke Articles 5 and 6 of the Biological Weapons Convention.

The Russian Federation to the UN just reported that the United States has been funding gain of function research in Ukraine. 

“The United States actively funded the biological projects in Ukraine. Experiments were being conducted to study the spread of dangerous diseases…” 👀


Representative of Albania: any mentions of weapons of mass destruction is worth our time. The UN is unaware of any biological weapons with US and Ukraine.  Everything Russia is saying is false and part of disinformation campaign and is not worth our time.


Albania UN guy now responding, pretty much saying this is all just more lying Russian propaganda to justify an invasion and seizure of Ukraine by Putin.



Representative of Albania: Russia is the one’s using chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine and blaming it on Ukraine. 

wow.  Max level projection per usual.

Representative of Albania: Russia’s goals are abhorrent as the means they are using to achieve them.  They’re using cluster ammunition in urban areas, and assaults on health related facilities, as confirmed by WHO, these are war crimes.  THESE are facts

Representative of Albania: we are welcome to have Ukraine as a part of the European Union

Representative of United States: Russia asked for this meeting for the sole purpose of lying and spreading disinformation this morning.  The UN is not aware of any biological weapons programs in ukraine. Blinken laid out previously about what Russia was about to do: that russia would fabricate false chemical weapons allegations to justify their actions in Ukraine.  The world is watching Russia use the Security Council to spread disinformation.  China is too attempting to do this.Representative of United States: The US only assists in ukraine to help research and protect people not to develop biological weapons.  Russia is the ones with a well documented history of using biological weapons.  Russia is the one who uses biological weapons. Russia supports the Assad regime who also uses chemical weapons. Russia has a track record of accusing other countries of the very allegations they themselves are perpetrating.  We have very serious concerns that Russia is intending to use chemical and biological agents/weapons in the near future in ukraine


The UN is clearly against Russia. Now they’re claiming that there are no biolabs in Ukraine supported by the US. Well, decide for yourself. Here are all of the Russian documents, translated in English for you…

US Ambassador now up.  As expected: Russia in engaged in a brutal conquest of Ukraine, killing citizens with indiscriminate carpet bombing, shelling, etc.  All this biolab talk is propaganda.


Representative of United States: Russia can’t cover-up the NYT, AP, and social media posts showing mothers and children, and ukranian citizens suffering because of Russia. Russia is failing to keep their false narrative going.

Representative of United States: even Russians citizens are tired of their lies.  Russian athletes are supporting no war, and Russian citizens are holding protests.  This is why we did not object to this meeting.  We intend to expose Russia’s lies for what they are.  Illegal and the justification of their atrocities in Ukraine.  The world IS watching.  Russia will be held accountable for their actions.

Truth and transparency will prevail. 

kek.  this bish

Representative of France: I wish to denounce in the most serious nature the allegations of Russia


Now France is up.  “Nobody is fooled by Russia’s lies.”


Representative of France: I wish to denounce in the most serious nature the allegations of Russia.  Let us be serious.  No one is fooled by Russia’s lies. They were using smoke screens to justify their war.


Now, when the Russian ambassador spoke, he said a report containing all the documentary evidence will be provided to the council members. That’s coming.  But from what they’re all saying so far, I don’t expect they’re going to take the report seriously. But it will be publicly released, I’m sure so we’ll all get to see it ourselves.


Representative of France: the briefings we have had this morning are clear.  Russia is violating the soveriegnty of Ukraine.  Russia is the one for the last 15 days bombing ukranian cities in violation of international law. The laws of Moscow to muzzle the press will keep the world from knowing the truth

Representative of UK: Russia has brought wild conspiracies to the Security Council.  There is not a shred of credible evidence that there is biological weapons laboratories. These are research facilities set up to protect the citizens.  This is yet another lie in the Russian disinformation campaign. They said that Ukraine was preparing a dirty bomb. That was a lie.  They said a pregnant woman staged her injuries. That was a lie of grotestque proportions.

Representative of UK: Russia is putting at threat the global framework for security and peace

Representative of UK: we do not sit in the council to be an audience of Russian Propaganda. This council must remain attent to REAL threats

s no other country going to stand with the Truth/Russia? 

I wonder if China will

India, Ghana, Mexico, and Ireland have all sided with the other DS losers

Joe Lange:

Putin is exposing the corruption at the UN for the globe to see.

It’s days are now numbered

Harold Wren, The Library:

In the defense & intelligence circles where I have friends, there have long been rumors, but strong rumors, that the United States through NGOs and subcontractors has had an office of biological warfare program for decades. Everything that I’m hearing about the Ukraine labs that America sponsored and runs tells me that those rumors are true.


This council has got one thing right.  

The world is watching. 

And we see right through their BS

But hey, we have their public statements in complicity of the DS on record now.  SIgned and Dated. 



Now, when the Russian ambassador spoke, he said a report containing all the documentary evidence will be provided to the council members. That’s coming.  But from what they’re all saying so far, I don’t expect they’re going to take the report seriously. But it will be publicly released, I’m sure so we’ll all get to see it ourselves.


She just said that the United States was working with the research facilities “proudly, clearly, and out in the open” after they tried to scrub their involvement off the internet! 

You can’t make this stuff up!

The internet is forever, bros.

Notice how no country is able to disprove Russian claims. They simply quote US media outlets 😂😂😂 as their source for Russia pushing “disinformation”. 

Allow the rats to expose themselves. Let them all have their statements. Once they are done spewing their bullshit, and exposing their positions, then Russia drops the incontrovertible evidence and they can’t walk back the fact that they all disregarded Russia’s claims before they saw the evidence. 

Think of this like a Project Veritas drip-drip-drip scenario. You release the first video /drop the first evidence claims, get all the denials on record, then drop the more damning stuff and watch them all scramble to walk back.

That’s how James O’Keefe destroyed Acorn. He’d release a video, they’d all RUSH to deny what the video showed…then he’d release the next video…and they’d scramble to walk back and ‘clarify’ their denials.  We could be watching the same strategy here.  Russia is getting all the denials on the record.


Representative of China: the situtation in Ukraine is rapidly evolving. It is full of complexities.  Recently Russia and Ukraine have held many negotiations and high level peace talks.  China attaches great importance with Biological weapons and WMD’s. We condemn any country participating in these programs and encourage any country to destroy these weapons should there be any. To uphold Biological Weapons Convention should be upheld and Russia’s evidence should be taken serioulsy with multilateral verification

Representative of China: The US has 336 laboratories around the world. This comes directly from the US.  If they deny these allegations they need to present relevant evidence to conclude these allegations are false for all the nations at the council

Representative of Brazil: any accusations of violations of the BWC are very serious and as such must be thoroughly substantiated and investigated by an independent investigation.  Brazil believes, that research should be kept distinct of the development of biological weapons should the BWC be kept intact.  We believe a Multilateral verifaction, as described by the BWC, be used to investigate these allegations.


a court would laugh at this as evidence in defense of these allegations. 

The BWC calls for an independent and multilateral verification of these allegations in the international agreement.

Representative of Kenya: The World is on the precipice

where have I heard that before?

Russian Federation: The louder people are trying to shift the blame on us.  But we hit the nail on the head when we covered their nefarious activity in Ukraine

Russian Federation: I seem to remember Colin Powell Coming here to complain of WMD in Iraq and caused massive destruction there. A lot of you said you weren’t aware of these biological weapons in ukraine.  This is because they’re military and a secret, and they don’t report to the UN or WHO

Russian Federation: We hear on the media of attacking civilians, hospitals, and using cluster ammunitions and have already denied these allegations with our Ministry of Defense.  Did we hear on march 7th, when we said the radicals (AZOV) moved to that maternity ward.  Apparently you don’t listen.  What you can see there is a building without windows but the maternity hospital is not destroyed.  Here are the photos.  If the building was destroyed by shelling it wouldn’t look like this. There’s only overturned furniture and still intact chairs.

Russian Federation: Outside the building is a crater that was there becuase of a mine.  We are aware of the 17 civilians injured.  

>> 17

Russian Federation: We have found out a great deal of what you think of Freedom of Speech when you cut off Russian sources as part of this war.  We did not start this war.  This war was started 8 years ago by Ukranians (2014).

Russian Federation: There was a UN vehicle near a rocket launch fire upon a Russian Airplane. We demand an investigation into this.

Representative of United States: I know that you expect me to respond. But we aren’t going to give any more airtime to this disinformation campaign.


Somebody tell the Ukraine guy, next time don’t hire a professional model for the crisis actor at the “maternity hospital” when Russia blows up the Azov battalion’s HQ.


Representative of Ukraine: the pregnant woman gave health to a healthy baby, named veronika last night. No matter what the russian lies are about this family.  We need to hear from the mastermind of the war cimes (putin). Putin fantasizes about non-existent biological weapons in ukraine. This actually points to Russia pulling another false flag operation in ukraine.  What’s next cruise missiles? what is next ammonia? phosphorous? and what will these targets be? Another hospital, cultural heritage site, school,

Representative of Ukraine: captured russian pilots confirm the deliberate dropping of bombs on civilian areas

Representative of Ukraine: Russia must not use civilians as hostages and human shields


Representative of Ukraine: the sooner the Russian aggression is stopped the sooner the safety of the world can be ensured

meeting adjourned


And it’s over.

Denial now incontrovertibly on the record.