Notable quotes from President Donald J Trump from tonight’s rally in a very chilly Florence, SC.


“Every day there is more and more evidence it was corrupt, it was fraudulent, loaded up with irregularities. 

“In other words it was Rigged.” 


“Before we can defeat the Democrat Socialists at the ballot box this fall, we first have to defeat the RINOs and grandstanders in the primaries earlier this year.”

Looking at you Tom Rice and Nancy Mace

“We’re losing our Country no different than if we had lost a war” – President Donald J. Trump

“The Fake News said my personality would get us into war, ‘He’s gonna get us into war!’ 

But no, my personality is what kept us out of war.” – President Donald J. Trump 

“Such Fake News and stories about me on Google. Anything positive does not get reported. Even the NELK Boys record-setting interview with me was taken down because I told the TRUTH, which the Radical Left cannot handle. The Media and Big Tech is doing everything possible to destroy our Country. They are truly the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

“The woke generals should be fired immediately. We want our generals to think about winning wars, not teaching pronouns.” 🔥🔥🔥


“Together we are standing up against some of the most sinister forces, entrenched interest and vicious opponents our people have ever seen. But no matter how big or powerful these corrupt radicals may be. You must never forget this nation does not belong to them, this nation belongs to you!” 

– President Trump just torched the Deep State and rallied the people ❤️

“It’s time to protect our own sovereignty. It’s time to save our own nation from the people who are trying to destroy it. The people controlling Biden, Pelosi and the others.” 

WOW! Very very important line, he is speaking about the globalists here within our own country and breaking free from them. Remember when he called them the “invisible enemy”. Now he is directly speaking to them! Look how far we’ve come Patriots. 🔥👀