U.S. Intelligence Operations Against Americans

  • The story is bigger than Hunter Biden’s Laptop
  • The New York Times is a bit off-target when it suggests that the DOJ has an uphill battle in charging Hunter Biden for violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (RFRA). The New York Times sates:

But there has been debate within the Justice Department over whether the available evidence proves that Mr. Biden intended to violate FARA, which the government must prove in order to secure a criminal conviction.

  • I think that misstates the law. To support a FARA conviction against Hunter Biden, the DOJ would only need to prove:
  1. That Hunter Biden acted in the U.S. as an agent of a foreign government;
  2. That Hunter Biden failed to notify the U.S. Attorney General that he was acting as an agent of a foreign government (before said action took place); and
  3. That Hunter Biden knowingly agreed to operated within the U.S. subject to the direction or control of a foreign government or official; and that he knew he had not provided prior notification to the Attorney General.
  • Intelligence Operations against Americans
  • Anyways, back to the lies about Hunter Biden that helped influence an election. These weren’t limited to the usual suspects in media: Stelter, CNN, etc. Instead, we saw them from more than 50 former senior intelligence officials, from directors of the CIA to directors of the National Security Agency, who accused the damaging Hunter Biden information of being part of a Russian effort to interfere “in our democracy.”
  • This was just another information campaign by the Intelligence Community, instituted for the purpose of influencing the 2020 election. The Intelligence Community (including those in its orbit and its former members) manipulated public opinion through the press to remove President Trump, to disenfranchise his voters and thwart President Trump’s agenda, to keep us in Afghanistan, and to keep us at odds with Russia.
  • I put the Hunter Biden story in a broader context because the context is the scandal. It’s not just that the political figures and their offspring are corrupted. It’s that our Intelligence Community is keen on protecting the corrupt and committed to deceiving the public to achieve their goals.

In other words, the intelligence operations have come for the Americans. We’re targets – and we’re the victims.

Source:   technofog.substack.com