Jack Posobiec asks why media doesn’t care about the drug cartel war at US-Mexico border

Journalist Jack Posobiec asked some pointed questions on Friday about why the US media is largely silent about the chaos erupting over the capture and extradition of Mexcian mafioso “El Huevo.”

Posobiec: The media doesn’t care about the cartel war at US-Mexico border.


☝️☝️☝️You couldn’t just tell people after you’d secured the border, that the people paid billions in bribes by the drug and human smuggling cartels would throw that border back wide open more than it had ever been before after they stole an election to get back in charge of it. TELLING PEOPLE is useless. 60% of the country would never believe these people would take that money and then do that. You had to SHOW THAT 60% these people not only doing that, but also arrogantly lying about it while they did it.

You have show them something they can never forget for the rest of their lives. Something so bad, so painful, so absolutely shocking involving actual traitors to their country committed treason in their midst that it’s passed down to their children’s children children. And this is just on the BORDER. I don’t have time to get into the COVID psy-op, the development of the virus, it’s being unleashed and how they used it to ruthlessly advance their control agenda.

They can’t have Ukraine fall, you understand that? That’s where all bribe money ultimately passed through on it’s way to the offshore accounts. The records can’t be found and revealed. They can’t have this happen. They won’t survive the exposure, either politically and in some cases, biologically.

–Brian Cates