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March 19 updates


“Supposedly this was released 2 years ago, when Miles Guo was exposing Hunter’s laptop. However, I never saw this before and I was ALL OVER the Hunter Biden/crack pipe laptop stuff.  This looks like it was released by an intelligence agency, probably Russia’s. This photo was taken in a California mansion Hunter rented for a month or so.

These photos are getting censored at the speed of light. I saved them to the computer I find info with and by the time I logged in with the computer I post with, this was vanished. — Jim Stone

[PLEASE NOTE: I have cropped the photos to protect myself from being accused of posting child porn.]

Left photo: He’s trying to get the five year old girl to pole dance. Right photo: No explanation needed.

March 18 updates

BBC: Child traffickers have snatched thousands of children during the Ukraine war.

Yes, everyone knew Ukraine was the home base for the so called “elite” who traffick children as the status quo, and now that the war has disturbed things even worse, they went into overdrive. You can safely bet it is at least 10 times the number the BBC is reporting here.

Nancy Pelosi is farther gone than Biden, And Australia roasted her.

Actually, Nancy roasted herself, you HAVE TO watch that video at that link to truly get a grasp on how far gone Nancy Pelosi is. Biden is a young valedictorian compared to Nancy.  STOLEN ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES, AND NANCY PELOSI IS PROOF.  Biden may still have fun abusing his dogs (He’s on dog 12 now since taking the white house) but Nancy?? There’s no life left ahead of her for her to enjoy, she’s simply too far gone.

There are rumors that Zelensky is going to be replaced by Ukranian nationalists because he fled.

The rumor is that they know damn well he’s not there and don’t want a “traitor” who deserted ruling from a U.S. base in Poland via ZOOM. Only a rumor, but a good one.

PREDICTION: (Never listen to predictions, even mine, because predictions are B.S.) That said: PREDICTION: Oil will now go up in price and this time it won’t come back down.

Why is that my prediction? Because both WTI and Brent have the same damn chart (literally).


Read the entire report here: World Class Investigative Truth

H/T “MR. B” in the comments

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