March 19, 2022

A military base in Kansas was where the Rockefellers first tested a vaccine on the military and caused the Spanish flu.

March 19, 2022

Did you ever hear the two recordings? Hunter was caught on a hot mic telling his dad he was worried about the criminal investigations. Panicked. Then a call to his friend leaked that he was angry cause his dad has made him the bagman and then a leaked call of Biden leaving a recorded message trying to get Hunter to call him and stop ignoring him.


March 19, 2022

He literally left all the evidence on his Home Screen with no encryption and didn’t go get it after the shop guy had called him several times.

March 19, 2022

I think you are right about  the military being “able” to arrest Biden at any time but Trump is first going to expose the entire election fraud nationwide to the normies so the country is united in demanding election reform even in blue states.

March 19, 2022

How do you not nullify the entire election. Do people that got elected because of cheating get to stay in office?

Does the military get to pick all the winners without being able to certify an actual vote count and do we really want that set as a precedent for all future elections?

March 19, 2022

Yes. You should check out JustHuman’s livestream on the [Project] Veritas FBI raid. He goes through everything and explains perfectly the real story.

March 19, 2022

Spit Ball 

Before the midterms or after?

Two things happening.

Trump is holding rallies and endorsing candidates. He’s rebuilding the Republican Party. But is he running in 2024?

Has he given up on overturning the election?

The answer is no.

Trump is buying time.

The huge RICO conspiracy case takes time to do it right and Biden is in the process of destroying the democrat party. 

Why get in the way of that?

But here’s why I believe the election has to be overturned before the midterms, which will change everything.

We all know the election was stolen.

Not just Trump’s election but all the elections.

These crooked elections officials are only required to preserve election voting records for 22 months after the election.

Some might have already committed a crime by deleting some but in August of 2022 they can all delete the evidence legally.

Why would Trump let it get to that point?

At that point the evidence gets deleted then fraud becomes disputed.

I don’t see that happening.

I see the election fraud evidence being exposed and then things moving very fast. 

It will completely change the political landscape and trigger mass arrests.

At that point the midterms become irrelevant.

I still believe a new election is coming after mass arrests and Trump will truly be the king maker picking candidates for congress.

The corruption in congress will officially come to an end and it will happen by the end of this year in my opinion.