To those who perhaps are just now waking and rubbing years of sleep from your eyes, this is one of a series of videos produced by “Joe M.” a patriot. This video and other presentations will help you understand what growing numbers of people around the world recognize. Some of you will remember these videos. Others are viewing them for the first time. (See the two previous vids I posted in sequence prior to this one). Posted on Telegram by Blueprint with this message:

“In honor of Joe M. I am posting his videos.

Watch them all. Save them to your phone/computer and then share them. These are powerful weapons in our Information War. Fire at will.

Today, more than ever, people are open to questioning the narrative; to seeing these puppets and thier media-tech propaganda censorship machine for what it is; to the Truth.

The motives and agenda of the global cabal and its international Deep State have never been so exposed (and trapped) as it is today. People who adamantly fought us just two years ago are now silent, others are turning the corner in dissent.

A wise and decorated man once told me, “persitance wins the war.” Keep fighting patriots, the best is yet to come.