“American elections ought to be run by American companies. We believe this is a National Security issue.”

CNN in 2021: “Lou Dobbs of Fox News is a liar, this election was secure.” 🙄

Election results that need to be looked into for voter fraud –

Doug Ducey

Brian Kemp

Gretchen Whitmer

Tony Evers

Andrew Cuomo

Gavin Newsome

Mitt Romney

Mike DeWine

Jay Inslee

& WAY more

Joe Biden wasn’t the first one to cheat. He’s just the doorway to all the others who did. Why do you think they all screamed there wasn’t any election fraud? That’s the Pandora’s box they can’t open cuz their own names are inside it. It’s how a group of communists amassed control of our country all at once to push the Election Infection agenda.

Cheating isn’t limited to the Presidental section on your ballot. It’s ALL areas on said ballot.

Why do you think there’s such mass panic?


From: vDarknessFalls, Telegram