Praying Medic posted:

I saw a lot of comments criticizing Trump’s use of profanity at last’s rally and wanted to share a few thoughts about the different reactions people had.

Donald Trump is misunderstood by many people, but those who are devoutly religious seem to have the greatest difficulty comprehending his behavior.

People of faith generally expect elected officials to be mindful of their words. Politicians know they can’t say or do say certain things in front of voters without it hurting them at the ballot box. This sets up a dynamic where politicians act holy in public while behaving like sinners in private. This religious hypocrisy was displayed by the Pharisees and it was condemned by Jesus. 

Trump has never pretended to be holy or righteous in his outward behavior—either in  private or in public. The Trump you meet in an elevator is the same Trump you see speaking at a rally. He isn’t afraid to drop an F-bomb when someone is rude to him in private and he isn’t afraid to do while the world is watching.  He’s not a hypocrite.

It’s wasn’t Trump’s use of profanity that was celebrated by patriots last night. It was the fact that Trump is Trump regardless of where he is. He’s not a typical politician. He’s a foul-mouthed billionaire from Queens who happens to be on a mission to save the world.

–Praying Medic