This Trump Rally is straight Fire. He is absolutely destroying the Georgia RINOs who’ve destroyed the state of Georgia.

The media and GOPe are pearl clutching because he spoke truth.

If Kemp wins the primary MAGA voters will not turn out in November. 

Richard Baris polling and others confirmed this 

Herschell and Bert Jones said they are staying out of the Gov primary…

Trump mentioned Herschell by name from the stage and said if Kemp wins the primary, it may cost him his Senate seat in the fall.

Mild encouragement from the stage. 

But if you dont know the backstory it might have gone over your head.

According to Frederick’s, when the GA candidates were at Mar a Lago, Trump asked them directly to weigh into the primary and all run together. They refused to endorse Perdue.

This was right after that Fox poll (Baris calls Fox the worst polling company- not just because their record in polling is awful) dropped showing Kemp at 51.

The other subsequent polls herded to FOX.

Trafalgar did one previous to Fox. Showed Kemp under 50 and Perdue still room to grow. 

Fox poll did its job to cause Herschell and Burt to back off

So that is the backdrop to what he said last night. 

He issued a warning..

As I have said before, Stacey needs to be defeated. I do not agree with people who say she will not be worse than Kemp.

If she had been our governor in 2020 we would have been locked down tighter than MI or PA. Do you really think our feckless GOP led Legislature will stand up to anything she does? 

It saddens me to know that there are many who will stay home if Kemp wins. But it is the reality.

And it affects the Senate race as well as the Lt Gov, SOS, and all other down ballot races. 

He didn’t say that MAGA voters should stay home, he just acknowledged the reality that they would stay home. Which is sad.

–Miz Donna thoughts