Trump as House Speaker, blah blah

I’ve never bought into it. I’ve heard Trump say it’s not part of the plan. What do you think?

Here’s Archive Anon’s take:

I have some thoughts about the Trump for Speaker / then President thing that I’ve been mulling over. 

I have no idea what the actual plan is here, so I’m just going to go through what I would do if I were writing this movie.

Let me list the main points first:

1) Trump returning to the White House would legally be the right thing to do. It would right a constitutional wrong and heal a wound for a lot of voters.

2) Trump being elected Speaker of the House would be a novel event in American history that would help teach people about the constitution, as well as making for good television to captivate media airtime.

3) Donald Trump is more interested in uniting the country and ending division among Americans than he is in being President. If he thought an action he takes would divide people more than it would unite them (in the long-term of history) he wouldn’t do it.

4) If Trump became Speaker of the House as part of a plan to become President again, the fake news would be given a golden chance to go negative again, using it as a way to make uneducated voters think Trump is trying to “steal” the White House illegitimately.

5) There is almost certainly a contingent of people who already voted for Trump and are just on the verge of fully waking up as red-pilled American patriots who would still be susceptible to this fake news barrage, and would use it as a chance to go back to sleep and continue buying the division.


If I were writing this movie as a way to wake up the masses, this is the play I would make:

They make Trump Speaker.

The news goes crazy with stories about how Trump is a dictator in the making plotting some evil scheme to retake the White House illegitimately.

They go on to Impeach Biden and Harris.

They then offer Trump the Presidency and . . .

He gracefully declines. In doing so he says: “I already won the election. I’m not going to use a quirk of the constitution to go back to my own house, the PEOPLE already know who is the President. When I re-enter my own house, I am not doing it through the side-door. I’M GOING THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR!”

Trump is now elevated to George Washington status in the minds of the normies, and whatever interim person ends up serving as President is completely beholden to his wishes anyway, as he now completely owns the party in the minds of the voting public. This temporary President would essentially be Trump’s surrogate.

When Trump then wins in 2024, the country isn’t just United around ending bad government, THEY ARE UNITED AROUND A LEGEND IN AMERICAN HISTORY.

The man who had the crown in his hand and turned it down so as not to divide the country.


I don’t have any idea how this will actually play out. I trust whoever is in charge of writing the script to write whatever version the audience needs to see.

I’m just saying from where I’m standing, if I were writing the movie, that’s the one that makes the audience lean forward in their chair. 🍿

By Radiopatriot

Former Talk Radio Host, TV reporter/anchor, Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot

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  1. The only issue with that suggestion might be a new President having a style of his own, which may conflict with the Massive Amount of Changes the Speaker of the House wishes to get passed in order for our country to regain it’s equilibrium.
    That would be a disaster.
    Also, many would not want to Vote “against President Trump”… so it could ruin the overall plan. Can’t split the vote- it could mean disaster. Trump needs to reclaim his presidency, and the new Speaker can run his own campaign in the future under his own steam and new American agenda. Just my opinion. God Bless America!!!

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