It’s going to become increasingly more difficult for maga normies and libs to cope with the fact that Scavino, Nunes, Kash and all of your favorite white hats are openly embracing anons, q, deltas and proofs. 

We may have looked like unhinged conspiracy theorists for a season but our heartbreak is coming to an end.

Anons have been ahead of the game for years and the world will soon find out.

Nice nod from Dan Scavino with a flag post on TRUTH Social on the 2-year delta of the flag post on the boards in addition to the post re: new social networking platform!

Q just Re-Truthed this image. 

Do you see it?


MistyG ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cheney wants Scavino to testify about his interactions with an online forum “the Donald” and with Qanon

Panic in DC

Wait until they find out that Scavino is Q team.  😏