I called my two senators – Rubio and Scott – a few days ago to tell them I do NOT want them to vote to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

Today, I’ve called the two Maine senators – which includes the incredibly gommy, dung-ey Susan Collins – to tell them the same.

Steve Bannon began his War Room show today with a cold open of a well-produced ad featuring kids pushing the wonderfulness of transgenderism, followed by the wigged idiot monkey on MSNBC berating Lindsey Graham for announcing he will not vote to confirm the child pedophile protector.

The attack on gender and our children is beyond appalling. It’s a full court press out there to screw up the young generation with gender confusion, and grooming for pedophile acceptance.

The telephone number to call your senators, and any other senator you want to reach with your message to vote NO at Judge Pedophile enabler’s confirmation is the title of this post, but in case you missed it…


The vote comes up this Monday, April 4.

Don’t wait. Call today. Babies and children are depending on you. Call and call and call and call for the children. It’s the least we can do. It’s not asking too much.

Judge Jackson believes those who watch and trade sex torture videos of young kids—even babies—aren’t dangerous pedophiles. She thinks we’re too harsh on them. In 8 of 8 cases, she granted them excessive leniency. So @Article3Project launched ads, this one directed to Mitt Romney in particular: