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Joe Manchin and Susan Collins announced that they will be voting YES for the nomination of Judge Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court….that does it….Judge Jackson joins the Supreme Court, with next week’s vote…..or, does she?

There are 8 cases where Republicans have not received the transcripts of the sentencing hearings that Judge Jackson has viewed, as she presided over these cases…… with sentencing much lower than recommended.

Mike Davis, Founder and President of www.article3project.orghas been a regular guest of Steve Bannon, the past couple of weeks, during these hearings.

Yesterday, Lindsey Graham reversed his vote for Judge Jackson and announced his vote is NO.

Here are 23 minutes from yesterday’s Steve Bannon show, with Mike Davis…you won’t see this on FOX… predictions…..just reporting what is going on:

Click here for Mike Davis segment on Bannon 

The process, as I understand it from watching the show is that, on Monday, we expect the Senate Committee to be tied 11-11 on proceeding with the vote.

Rules say there will be a Discharge vote on the Senate floor, on Wednesday….a Cloture vote on Thursday……a confirmation vote on Thursday or Friday.

Mike Davis reports that his group has “bombshell” research on the contents of the 8 sentencing reports that were read by Judge Jackson.

He says that reading the reports will make you sick to your stomach. The words child pornography do not accurately describe the content of the reports. Mike Davis describes the contents of the reports as sexual torture of babies and young children by people who want to watch and make money from this. Who would want to put this person on the Supreme court?

There will be an effort to pressure Senators to read the reports…..especially Romney, Murkowski and……Susan Collins.

Mike Davis says that, after receiving the OK from his attorneys, billboards and TV ads will be run in Arizona and Nevada, tomorrow (Saturday). Public opinion is strongly against child pornography……the intention is to let these Senators know that a vote for Judge Jackson is a vote to end their political careers.

The reports contain 6,500 pictures and videos of young people being raped.

You can follow this effort on Steve Bannon’s Warroom  10-noon EST 5-6PM EST Monday-Friday. Saturday 10-noon

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