A History of Presidential Succession

Show Notes From the 3-30-22 Power Hour

Patel PatriotMar 31

I first want to give a genuine thank you to everybody who has been so supportive of me since starting the Devolution Series. Your generous support has kept me going full-time!

If you missed last night’s power hour, I encourage you to check it out. Patrick Gunnels and I examined the possibilities of what Trump’s return might look like. As I have said many times, I have no doubt that Trump implemented Devolution. The hard part is figuring out how this will unfold. Unfortunately, this is a guessing game and as we discussed in the show, we still don’t know for certain how Trump used his PEADs! At the very least, the show was hopefully educational and can provide some history on our constitution which I think is beneficial to everybody these days.

Here is the Rumble link:

Some Useful Links 

Here are a majority of the links from which I gathered the information for the show that you can check out for yourself if you are so inclined.

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