by The Kate Awakening, Telegram

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but…

It really seems like there is a push to remove any bit of identity we have. There’s nothing more demoralizing than being stripped of your identity.

They want us to be one homogenized, genderless, gray lump living off of bug meat and going to bed in our eco-sized communal pods.

There’s a reason they want to teach kids gender doesn’t exist.

There’s a reason they don’t encourage independent thought.

There’s a reason they want us to be atheist.

There’s a reason they want to blur every line in morality.

There’s a reason they change the definitions of words and make reality “fluid.”

There’s a reason fashion has shifted into unflattering, shapeless, ill-fitting manure bags that look like something I’d wear to CVS at 9pm to pick up Gatorade and cough syrup when I have the flu.

There’s a reason, whether you buy a Lamborghini or a Subaru, it’s the same 👏 fucking 👏 body style 👏

There’s a reason they want you to care more about the “greater good” than your own family.

If there’s no identity, there’s nothing to fight for. We are easy to manipulate.

In this information war, our most important focus should be knowledge of ourselves and what we stand for. And then BE BOLD and never waver from the things that are meaningful to you.

“To thine own self be true.”