Trump would have been refusing to follow his oath of office if he had given the nuclear football to the enemy.

Case closed.

It didn’t happen.

Biden’s is fake


You might end up being surprised JJ.

Comey and Mueller were both working with Trump back in the day bringing down crime rings.

I think Dawson Fields did a long thread on their background

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JustHuman did a livestream on it and here’s a link to Dawson Fields Twitter 



Durham dropping more Sussman filings on the court today


April is going to kick things off in my opinion


Also notice how Kash Patel has said several times now that Andrew McCabe is going to be indicted for the frame job. He never mentions Comey. Why? Because McCabe who was controlled by Hillary wanted a criminal investigation into Trump from the FBI.

Who stopped it?

Comey and Rosenstein.

Comey testified under oath that Trump was never under criminal investigation


Kayfabe JJ.

If Barr is corrupt then so is Durham and we know that’s not true


Sessions appointed Durham long before anybody knew to investigate the Clinton Foundation and leaks in the White House.

Barr expanded his investigation massively to include the Russian collusion frame job and a lot of other things.

Then Barr secretly made him Special Counsel to protect him from being fired by the Biden DOJ and so he wasn’t controlled by Biden’s DOJ at all.

No way that Barr is a black hat.

People need to follow what these players are doing, not what people are saying.

It’s a media war and deception is required in order to win


Spit Ball

I hear they are deadlocked on the vote for Biden’s nominee.

I knew they didn’t have the votes or they wouldn’t have delayed it.

Something bigger happening here that I don’t think people are even contemplating.

Lots of evidence to suggest Hunter Biden left that laptop on purpose and has cut a deal.

I have also theorized for a long time that Trump has leveraged Biden and is using him to destroy the democrat party forever.

I still ask the question.

If you were to sit down and come up with a list of policies or nominees that would be unpopular with the large majority of Americans, could you come up with a better list than what Biden has done?

I’ve also said the plan was for Trump to be off stage while everything goes down.

But he’s controlling the Senate because he’s also leveraged the corrupt McConnell.

And believe me, McConnell controls the Senate.

So what about Biden’s nominee?

Could you possibly pick a worse one?

A nominee that doesn’t know about the basis of the Dred Scott decision and gives light sentences to pe-dophiles.

She’s doing damage to the democrat party the longer this drags out.

But she didn’t get voted out of committee.

Will Biden pull her nomination and embarrass himself and the democrats?


And did you see the three RINO’s who publicly said if she gets a vote on the floor that they will support her?

Romney, Murkowski and Collins.

There are no coincidences.

Romney and Murkowski have primaries coming up.

How’s the timing for that?


What if Trump leveraged Biden to pick her and then the military sat the three RINO’s down and told them to support her publicly so they can get voted out.

The invisible hand.

The military is dealing with treason.

Do you think that might be leverage on some of these corrupt politicians?

Is Trump cleansing the Republican Party?

It’s a possibility.

Just my opinion


I think Patel is talking about “if” she gets a vote on the floor because as I said, Romney, Murkowski and Collins say they will vote to confirm her.

But she hasn’t been voted out of committee yet.

It’s deadlocked which means there’s no vote on her confirmation unless it changes.

If Biden is forced to pull her nomination then I’m pretty positive I’m right about Biden purposely putting her up just to damage the democrat party


I think he is. Hunter gave up the evidence in a laptop that wasn’t encrypted or anything.

Biden can easily be leveraged to try and save his family from treason


Yes and there’s things we don’t know are happening.

Q said we only see about 30% of what’s actually happening


I think Obama has taken his high priced lawyers advice and is staying as quiet as possible. Staying low and hoping to escape justice.

But he won’t


Ok. Thx for that clarification.

This is all good.

Now all the Senators get to expose her publicly.

That’s their only job in this war. Spread truth.

This will do even more damage to the democrat party and in the end guess what?

She’s as illegitimate as Biden and will be removed along with him


I was just corrected. Schumer might have forced a vote


The Art of War

The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.

Sun Tzu

The media is the enemy’s greatest weapon.

They’ve attacked Trump since he came down the escalator.

He’s a great counterpuncher though and he’s weakened them more than ever with the label “Fake News”

 But now we enter a new phase in the war. Where we get to sit back & “enjoy the show”

April showers are just beginning

The storm is upon us. The media will be forced to cover the crimes.

Enemy will now feel friendly fire