If you watch Mitt Romney or Lisa Murkowski in action, or any quisling Vichy GOP in action, you can learn a lot, especially if you’re sitting around pissed off at the world that our elections system remains in shambles. 

This judge isn’t qualified to lead a lemonade stand, let alone sit on the Supreme Court. Romney said she wasn’t qualified for a lower court in the recent past, but now is somehow acceptable for one of the invaluable 9 slots that top the judicial structure of our nation. 

We have plenty of problems with the state legislatures and the loopholes that allow for elections to be tainted with fraud and corruption.

But there is an even bigger problem – it is the courts and their systemic corruption dating back decades. Yet some go on believing that there was some silver bullet that would have reversed the election outcome in December 2020. 

There was not. The courts decided to repel any and all legal challenges on procedural grounds. We ignored our obligations for decades to oversee even the “boring” aspects of civil society. The result is an imposing mound of corruption all the way from our municipal governments to the highest courts in the land. 

And you can thank the GOP for tag teaming with open opponents of everything it means to be American.