The [magistrate] judge in the Trump v. Clinton case who was appointed by Clinton has recused himself. 


Beanz explained it earlier … two different magistrate judges have recused themselves. But not the district court judge overseeing the case.

“Ok – NOW –  Judge Middlebrooks is the JUDGE on the Trump case.

“Yesterday they filed a motion asking for recusal for the JUDGE – not the magistrate. The JUDGE said, no thanks – just because I was appointed 25 years ago by Clinton means nothing. I do my job impartially, how dare you.

“Not a great start IMO.

A wise friend just recommended I get a bit more detailed about the recusals in the Trump case and he’s right. The judges who have recused thus far are magistrate judges. A magistrate judge is a judge who helps the main judge of the case with administrative hearings etc. The main judge in the case, Middlebrooks, is still appointed. There have been two magistrate recusals. Magistrate judges are important and I’ve seen them handle entire cases from start to finish.”

-Tracy Beanz

Order on Motion to Disqualify Judge – #30 in Trump v. Clinton (S.D. Fla., 2:22-cv-14102) –