I’m seeing channels I have a tremendous amount of respect for saying how base it is that TX gov Abbott is busing illegals to DC.

First, it’s an election year in TX for governor.

Second, he’s not done squat for 4 yrs about the border. His state, county and cities are over run with illegals. His citizens are being robbed, raped and murdered daily by illegals.

Buses? Please. You have tens of thousands of military personnel at your disposal. Why are they not standing arm in arm, with guns, at the Mexico border denying entry of anyone not legally a citizen?

It isn’t base to pull political BS moves during an election yr so you can go back to doing absolutely nothing after reelection. Well, I guess he does have a few windmills that need repaired.

If Greg Abbott can catch illegal aliens, why in the HELL doesn’t he drive them back across the border instead of bring into them to DC? This is a publicity stunt for re-election and not a serious action to fight the invasion. Mobilize the guard and send them to the friggin border Greg. It’s not rocket science.