Jason Voorhees:

Why would Trump endorse a joker like Oz? He isn’t conservative in the least. 

Trump is fast becoming a full on let down. Optics right?

So when is it optics and when is it not optics and when do we know when he’s lying?

And why is this not being posted on any Q channels?

Brian Cates:

He tells you right in the first sentence.    

In his judgement there was no other candidate who even with his endorsement would be a lock to beat the Democrat for that seat.  

It’s imperative the R’s hold every Senate seat they currently have and flip several they currently don’t to get control of the Senate.  

If all Trump has to do is figure out which person running in the GOP primaries is the most America First and toss that person his endorsement, this would be very easy. 

And a lot of people who give this no real thought think it is to determine who Trump should endorse. 

But it’s not.  

He has to pick people who can WIN. And no matter how America First some candidates are, right now the GOP RINO Machine in that state can’t be beaten yet. 

It’s why even though we had Huffiness and Col Alan West running here in Texas, Trump endorsed Abbott. Why? 

Because the brutal truth is, the BUSH RINO MACHINE IS STILL TOO STRONG HERE and even with Trump’s endorsement, they weren’t gonna beat Abbott.  

It is what it is.