Worth remembering this clip with all the Elon talk lately

Is Twitter about to tank into oblivion?

Top kek. 

Trump should use his acquisition company to acquire what’s left of CNN and Twitter. 

Exact his ultimate revenge on fake news.

…”Twitter’s become very boring. They’ve gotten rid of a lot of good voices on Twitter, a lot of their conservative voices….it used to be a war on Twitter. But it was a very interesting war.”

But what if they reinstate those conservative voices and anons?

Let’s see what happen. – Pepe Lives Matter



Twitter holding a meeting soon:


If Elon is a good guy he should reinstate all anons, delete all child porn off Twitter and show the world how biased the algorithm really was. Then Trump should come back and tweet that the storm is upon us so I can finally go streaking. I’m not asking for much am I?

IET 17 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Liberals are LOSING THEIR FOOKING MINDS about Elon 


That’s the sound of freedom coming.

Trump should find a way to acquire Twitter and merge Truth Social and Twitter with his acquisition company. The normies will have no choice but to be red pilled when Durham arrests them all. 

What kind of meltdown would libs have if Elon helped Trump acquire and merge with Twitter?

The possibilities make me kek. 


So the first guy to come out against Elon controlling Twitter is also the guy who owned the top floor where the Vegas shooting occurred. Nothing to see here. 

Elon appears to be kicking a hornets nest. 🍿



Paul Serran 👾

Q drop 1948, presented in part, for the friends. #Twitter

The guy who’s against Elon also paid for Hussein’s college tuition. Absolutely nothing to see here Patriots.  


“Elon is correct. The shareholders own the company.  This offer has to be put to a vote by the shareholders.” – Brian Cates