The next section of the filing turns to Sussmann’s attempt to have almost all the DNS evidence that makes up most of the Alfa Bank hoax that he gave to the FBI/CIA stricken from the evidence before the trial starts.

Sussmann doesn’t want any of the facts about how Joffe and his team went about acquiring all this DNS data allowed into the trial.  

Because it is damning.  

Durham argues how Joffe & Co. “came to possess and/or convey the purported data and analysis are all relevant to the jury’s understanding of the critical meeting the defendant had with the FBI General Counsel on September 19, 2016.”

Embrace The Suck, Hillary: Michael Sussmann & Marc Elias Had No Security Clearances

And Because They Very Likely Handled Classified Information Stolen Out of the Executive Office of the President, That’s A HUGE Issue

The media avoids discussing this, but the fact is, Joffe and his merry crew acquired all this DNS data related to Trump and his associates by STEALING IT off of federal databases and servers they had access to because they were private federal contractors.

And it’s very likely that some of the data they stole from federal agencies servers and databases were classified, and then Joffe handed off the stolen classified material to people with no security clearance

You can read more about that here:

The Fake News covers this like “Nothing to see here, Joffe and Co. were federal contractors, they had security clearances, they were allowed in there to access this stuff. Nothing to see here. Move along.”

What they’re not telling you is that Joffe & Co. being federal contractors with access to these federal databases and servers does not GIVE THEM A LICENSE TO STEAL DATA AND GIVE IT TO THEIR POLITICAL ALLIES.

And I’ll keep pointing out if there’s a money trail and these private federal contractor spies that were STEALING this data to give it to Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS on behalf of Hillary Clinton were being PAID for their thievery, this scandal just reaches a whole new magnitude that boggles the mind. 

It’s espionage.  Theft of classified data for pay. That was then used to target innocent American citizens. 

And then a sitting President.

Sussmann wants to distance himself from the origins and collection of the DNS data and pretend he was some kind of bystander that was handed a finished product.  

So it’s no wonder he’s trying to exclude all the email and text message and billing record evidence that places him right in the center of the creation of the Alfa Bank hoax. 

Sure, he’s the tip of the spear when it came to taking the AB hoax to the media and then to both the FBI/CIA. He can’t deny THAT. 

But he’s trying to muddy the waters about exactly how large a role he played in the creation of the hoax. 

Researcher-2 if called at the trial, will testify he told Sussmann he had real concerns about if the DNS data was “being lawfully collected and used.”

Let’s be clear here: All those involved knew what they were doing was illegal.  Joffe had to know, Reasearcher-2 had to know, and here he is expressing his concerns about to the lawyer overseeing the project.  

That right there, the top bullet point, is a display of ‘guilty knowledge’.  

Sussmann lied to the CIA and said the DNS data that made up most of the Alfa Bank package he was handing them was gathered by “private collection” rather than being government collected data.  

That was a lie.  Sussmann knew this data had been taken off of federal servers and databases by federal contractors.  And it had been gathered illegally.

Durham of course can prove that Sussmann was far from a mere bystander sitting in his office waiting to be handed a finished product he didn’t know much about so he could go give it to the FBI and then the CIA. 

The key phrase:  “To the extent such data was obtained in a manner that was illegal or unethical, a jury reasonably could infer that the defendant and his clients shared a potential motive to conceal material facts….”

Durham brings up the ‘plan’ between Sussmann, Joffe and the Clinton Campaign.  

The “joint venture” rears it’s head again.  

That the Clinton campaign was enacting a ‘plan’ to have operatives in it’s employ such as Sussmann “collect and disseminate materials” to federal agencies.  

In other words, Trump Russia hoaxes.

Moving on, Durham comes to Sussmann’s attempt to have all testimony from “U.K. Person-1” [Christopher Steele] excluded from the trial.  

Steele provided information to the FBI about a meeting he had with Sussmann in the summer of 2016, where Sussmann shared the Trump/Alfa Bank allegations with him.  

Following that meeting, Steele’s employers at Fusion tasked him with research the AB/Trump allegations and producing intel reports about Alfa Bank, which he did.  

 As you know, the Steele Dossier contains within it a report on Alfa Bank’s supposed relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

That report was dated September 14, 2016, just 5 days before Sussmann went to hand off the Alfa Bank hoax to the FBI.

Skipping ahead, page 27, Sussmann is trying to have parts of his 2017 Congressional testimony excluded from the trial, specifically the parts about his trip to CIA HQ where he pretty much repeated the same criminal act he’d committed at FBI HQ, when he told the CIA he wasn’t there for any client and was giving them this updated and improved version of the Alfa Bank hoax because he’s just a nice guy.

Of course, it’s fairly obvious why Sussmann doesn’t want the jury to see him testifying about doing the same thing to the CIA that he’s on trial for doing to the FBI.  

He literally committed the same crime two times: he approached a federal agency with what he knew to be a hoax and lied about not being there for clients he was billing for big bucks for his time.

Here we are at last learning more about this 2nd attempt by the Hillary Clinton campaign to get Donald Trump and his associates investigated by  federal agency.  

Turns out the CIA instantly sussed out that Sussmann was trying to con them.  

As was the case with the FBI, the CIA took extensive notes following the meeting.

Exhibit A – #70, Att. #1 in United States v. SUSSMANN (D.D.C., 1:21-cr-00582) –

Memorandum in Opposition by USA as to MICHAEL A. SUSSMANN re 58 MOTION in Limine to Exclude Testimony or Evidence Pertaining to Former FBI Assistant Director Bill Priestap’s and Deputy General Counsel Trisha Anderson’s Notes, 60 MOTION in Limine to Preclude Evidence Regarding the Gathering of Data, the Accuracy of Data or Its Analysis, or the Steele Dossier and to Strike the Same, 59 MOTION to Dismiss Case if the Special Counsel Does Not Immunize Rodney Joffe, 57 MOTION in Limine to Preclude the Special Counsel from Presenting Evidence or Argument Regarding Matters Subject to the Attorney-Client Privilege (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B)(DeFilippis, Andrew) (Entered: 04/15/2022)

I’m getting tired so skipping to Exhibit A: which is a memoranda of the conversation Sussmann had with the CIA officials when he gave them the Alfa Bank hoax:

Page 1/5. 

This is a memoranda of conversation held on Tuesday January 31, 2017 as Sussmann was trying to get a face-to-face meeting set up so he could make the hand off of the Alfa Bank white papers and thumb drives.  

Here we learn that Sussmann DID claim to the CIA he had a Top Secret Security Clearance – but the CIA officer has no way of confirming this.  

Sussmann tells the CIA guy he is representing a client who does not want to be identified.  

Makes the “Trump people are using suspicious Russian phones!” pitch.

Claims this Russian phone activity began in April of 2016 at Trump Tower, and then again later in the Executive Office of the President.

Sussmann says there are only a dozen or so of these phones in the US.

Note this is the CIA official writing down the claims Sussmann is making to him.  

Sussmann is selling it thick because he wants to talk them into letting him drop by and hand off the updated Alfa Bank hoax to them.

I love the chutzpah of that last line. That Sussmann’s CLIENT demanded this precious data about the Russian YOTA phones be provided ONLY to senior bona fide CIA officers or he was going to THE NEW YORK TIMES with it!

Exhibit B is a memoranda written on Feb. 9, after Sussmann had gotten the meeting with 2 CIA officials.

We learn the two CIA officials who met with Michael Sussmann and received the Alfa Bank handoff from here have the first names of Kevin and Steve.  

We also learn the person that Sussmann first contacted at the CIA to set up this meeting on Feb. 9 2017 was the CIA’s General Counsel at the time, Caroline Krass.  

Sussmann starts the meeting by informing Kevin and Steve that he was not representing a particular client – which already contradicts what he’d told the person who created the memoranda back on January 31.    

…He tells the CIA “He was up-front” about working for the DNC and for the Clinton campaign BUT “that such work was unrelated to his reasons for contacting the CIA.”  

He billed the Clinton campaign for this meeting.  And Durham has the billing records.

You’re a dumbass, Sussmann!