Given what we’re seeing when it comes to this twitter debate, everyone paying attention knows what is underlying it all. Know that to those behind twitter, it never was about the money…Never.

The real value is not the “asset” or even growth…the real value is in the tyrannical and authoritarian control of FREE SPEECH. Look at some of the figures behind twitter that most Americans are now just learning about (a Saudi Prince?). Remember, twitter censored the sitting president of the United States of America (Donald J. Trump). They did this while allowing despots and dictators to continue to air their hatred of America. I could careless about twitter, but I fully support what Elon Musk is attempting to do. He is showing the international community how a business deal of serious magnitude is done, but doing so in an incredibly transparent way. I wish him luck. If he succeeds, he does help humanity and America regain a grip on the edge of the cliff we are hanging from right now. Say some prayers, because we can all use some. 🙏🏼🇺🇸

This is what happens when dictatorship occurs:

“Twitter’s insiders essentially just decided to screw over their shareholders, crash their stock, and open the company up to massive lawsuits just to prevent Elon Musk from running Twitter in a way that won’t rig elections or censor their political opponents.”

Hey Elon, “have you considered that Twitter is blocking your offer because they are afraid you’d obtain documents proving they shadow ban and censor, which would contradict sworn testimony made before Congress?

This could be an Enron type scenario you’ve uncovered.”

Let’s get this to Elon. I want these bastards exposed for the corrupt smug arrogant thugs they are.

All of our current Republican politicians need to stop calling the “other side of the aisle” democrats. That party is long gone. There are two categories of politicians now that exist in our country. Either they believe in and abide by the constitution and consider themselves pro-American and pro-constitution or they don’t. Those who don’t are part of an emerging and fairly large group of socialists, communists, and/or left wing fascists that have grown over the past 50 years right here inside of our country (and are now in charge of many levers of power). We are a constitutional republic, we elect our representatives and obviously we’ve been apathetic to their corruption for far too long. This needs to stop and everyone must now choose a new path. The destiny of America will be a much brighter day if, and only if, each of us choose a new path toward that outcome. Start today by deciding on which path you will choose. I choose pro-America and will do all I can to save our republic from the clutches of those politicians (both sides) who have chosen power and wealth and personal gain over this battle we the people are waging to stop the tyrannical takeover of our beautiful experiment in democracy called The United States of America 💪🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸


God Bless America 🙏🏼🇺🇸