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Twitter Hastily Enacts New Rule in Desperate Attempt to Stop Elon Musk


BioClandestine writes:

“This is perfect. Exposing the rats and allowing them to confirm their complicity with their actions. Those who protest the loudest… 

It’s not enough to just come in and take over Twitter, the media, and just fix things immediately and arrest people. Doesn’t solve the long term. It’s like putting a band-aid on a sucking chest wound. This operation is about eliminating this deep state entity FOREVER and deterring future generations from allowing this type of infiltration to happen again. Which requires the public (sheep) to see the depth of their evil on full display. It requires the history books in the future to have repeated evidence of this malfeasance so future generations cannot question nor deny this corruption. 

The more they struggle and claw on the way down, the more they prove their malevolence.