True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Philips discuss Brian Kemp blocking investigations and the NGOs and non-profits behind the nationwide organized criminal ballot trafficking ring.

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True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Philips sat down with the Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft and 100 Percent Fed Ups’ Patty McMurray for an hour-long conversation detailing their investigation into the 2020 election.

Catherine Engelbrecht began the conversation saying, “There was a systematic and coordinated effort to exploit those vulnerabilities around the drop boxes specifically through what we call ballot trafficking and that is individuals who are moving back and forth between key non-profit organizations and the drop boxes and doing this in excess of 20, 30, 40 times. 

“It turns out Philadelphia county is by far the most egregious offender of this kind of abuse and we have people who in the data show they went to drop boxes in excess of 100 times during the early election period. The movie tells that story through the data and the video,” she continued.

Gregg Philips explained how Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp and the Director of Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Vic Reynolds, have “done absolutely nothing” to investigate True the Vote’s allegations, but furthermore, how the GBI leaked True the Vote’s confidential investigation documents to the Atlanta Journal Constitution including doxing the identities of Philips and his analyst.

“Somebody sent that letter to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, but not just sent the letter, sent my name, went into the metadata of what we had provided to the Federal Bureau of Investigations and subsequently published my name and my analyst name, who remain often or almost always in the dark, in the AJC,” said Philips.

Vic Reynolds, the director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation told the state’s Republican Party chairman in a letter in late September 2021 that an investigation was “not justified” after the Georgia GOP and True The Vote presented them with their cell phone data linking individuals with repeated trips to ballot boxes because there was not “any other kind of evidence that ties these cell phones to ballot harvesting.”

“For example, there are no statements of witnesses and no names of any potential defendants to interview,” Reynolds said in a letter.

Jim Bopp, the attorney for True the Vote responded last October in a lettersaying: 

The letter [released to the media by GBI Director Reynolds] acknowledges that True the Vote’s preliminary data analysis, as presented to your office in April of 2021, provided evidence that 279 cellphones had made “multiple trips to within 100 feet of a voter drop box” during the 2020 General Election and U.S. Senate Runoff Election Periods. 

Despite characterizing this data as “curious,” GBI Director Reynolds claimed such evidence could not “rise to the level of probable cause.”

This preliminary data, first provided to the FBI in March [by True the Vote], has been augmented by True the Vote’s further data analysis, voter drop box surveillance video, chain of custody documents, and other critical corroborating evidence.”

Notably, Director Reynolds refused to meet with representatives of True the Vote after April of 2021 so that he could supplement the preliminary data he found so “curious.”

Greg Phillips discussed how the Georgia Bureau of Investigation had actually tried to get some of his analyst cancelled rather than investigate the alleged crimes.

“They’ve done absolutely nothing. We’ve made complaints, we’ve made all sorts of other things to the appropriate authorities in Georgia and all along Governor Kemp has decided to be a coward to stick his head in the sand and act like it didn’t help and act like he helped conduct the most secure election in American history,” he concluded.

The conversation then shifted to the NGOs and non-profit organizations involved in the ballot trafficking operation. 

Engelbrecht explained that although True the Vote has the “geo-locations of the addresses” which can be tied to names, but they would be “sued by every single organization” if they were to publish those names.

“Speaking of someone who prior to starting True the Vote I have never been in a court room, and since starting True the Vote, 12 years, I have never been out, I know all too well how lawfare is played”,” said Engelbrecht.

“Just the last year, I think we spent close to three million dollars in legal fees. So I say all that to say, we’ve got to be strategic…and the way is, to attempt at least, to get law enforcement officials and the appropriate election authorities to take this under investigation then they can do the leg-work to confirm what we’ve already provided and those names are going to come out,” she continued.

Catherine added, “A group that has its tentacles out all over the country, and in fact, into other countries with a profile taken right from the pages of Saul Alinsky.” 

“In fact, it was started by Saul Alinsky back in the 40’s, and it is still a thriving organization all over the world in lots of places, lots of border towns, lots of churches, and there seems to be a common thread among those organizations in particular,” she said.

“And then you have the new kids on the block, the Stacey Abrams of the world who are very aggressively organizing across states, her mission of Souls to the Polls, this idea that if you bring your ballot to church, the church will get paid — that’s illegal and we need people to stand up and say that, but she’s exported that all over the country,” she said.

My analysis of Saul Alinsky’s and Stacey Abram’s organizations will continue below. 

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