In response to a post I published, reader Valerie shared her reaction:

Some people seem to like being controlled.
You will NEVER change them. I don’t understand what drives their paranoia but I have given up on trying to tell them the truth.
It’s as though they’re under some sort of mind control.
Hopelessly lost without any common sense or willingness to question anything.
It’s very disheartening.
These are people I care about. Good people with good intentions.
Cowards and selfish souls who for whatever reason will stay dumbed down no matter what happens.
I’m convinced that there are two separate types of people.
We the truth seekers trying to save humanity and the other brain dead empty ones who would rather stick their head in the sand then wake up.
I truly believe that there may be a civil war coming.
The people who deny what’s really going on openly say they really don’t give a shit as long as they have whatever makes them fat and happy and screw everything and everyone else.
These folks aren’t worth trying to reach after awhile.
They are blind spiritually and mentally or they just don’t give a fuck.
From now on I doubt I’ll be wasting my energy trying to show them what’s going on behind the scenes.
There is work to be done and anymore I’d rather team up with like minded folks .
Sad thing is… the sheep most likely will just go along with the slaughter.
It reminds me of nazi germany when people by the thousands caved in to tyranny when, if they had organized to fight back maybe.. just maybe history would have been changed.

Thank you , Valerie.