From The Conservative Treehouse:

Col Douglas Macgregor Delivers Truth Bombs Surrounding Ukraine Conflict and Status of $4.7 Billion Spent Sending U.S. Equipment and Aid

Colonel Douglas Macgregor appeared on Tucker Carlson to give a brutally honest assessment of the conflict in Ukraine. Regarding the transfer of heavy weapons and artillery, Macgregor notes something many have discussed.

The logistics of sending in those weapons from western Ukraine (Poland border) to the eastern Ukraine battle encompasses a thousand-mile trek. Russia can easily hit those convoys en route, negating the supply line. Additionally, the U.S. has sent $4.7 billion in military equipment and financial aid so far (see graphic below), and we have no idea who is in control of those weapons.  WATCH:

To give scale for the proxy war the U.S. government is waging in Ukraine, check out the extreme ratio of who in NATO is sending support, and how much.

Proxy wars are always good for money laundering services.