“They want to control everything. They want to not only control resources, but they want to control the behavior of the people. They also want to control the mind, control people’s thoughts.”

With reports of people starving in #Shanghai and viral videos of people screaming from balconies, what’s really going on in #China?

Tonight, we take a look at the draconian #Lockdowns in China and a massive, underground movement that’s making Beijing extremely nervous. 

For the past two decades, millions of Chinese have been quietly renouncing their affiliation to China’s Communist Party and its affiliate organizations. The movement, called Tuidang, or Quitting the CCP, has recorded nearly 400 million such renunciations.  

To find out what’s going on, we sit down with Dr. Sen Nieh, the Vice President of the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party. 

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