Exposing America’s Ballot Trafficking Cartel – Part I

True the Vote uncovered a nationwide organized criminal ballot trafficking ring that took advantage of Democrat’s universal mail-in voting and Zuckerberg’s ballot drop boxes during the 2020 election.

Exposing America’s Ballot Trafficking Cartel

In @KanekoaTheGreat’s latest Substack, he writes that the Director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Vic Reynolds, ignored the evidence that will be presented in “2000 Mules.”

The information gathered from the 2000 Mules trailers alone warrants an investigation. Yet, Director Reynolds states a potential investigation is “not justified.” There was not “any other kind of evidence that ties these cell phones to ballot harvesting.”

Educate yourself to fight like hell against those stating that “this was the most secure election in history. Kanekoa lays it out neatly in various parts:

Part I — Push To Vote By Mail

Part II — Ballot Laundering Cartel

Part III — Voting System Vulnerabilities 

Part IV — True The Vote Findings + Obstacles