All the Young Global Leaders from 1993 until 2021 

Some history.

Putin met with a group from the World Economic Forum (WEF) in St Petersburg in 1992 as one of “three young men”. (the other two being Alexei Kudrin & Alexei Miller). But he’s not on any Young Global Leader (YGL) list that I know of. The first official group was the year after this November* meeting. 

Pre 2003 this WEF program was actually called the Global Leaders for Tomorrow (GLT). There seems to have been a few problems around 2003 between the Haus of Klaus and the GLT which caused a name change to Young Global Leaders.

It looks to me that despite Putin not being on any of these lists as far as I can see, he’s one of the three “young” Russian men which the WEF went to see in Saint Petersburg in 1992 and therefore was there right at the beginning. Considering all the Sovietness of the YGL program is it Klaus’s or Vladimir’s baby? You decide. I know what I think.