“Folks, this was a surprise to me. This is a joyous occasion and I celebrate it with thousands of JFK assassination researchers and the hundreds of friends and family of Abraham Bolden. I believe that a higher power, the God in Heaven, has intervened on this one.

I had given up on Sleepy Joe Biden pardoning Abraham Bolden but on April 26, 2022 (today) he arose from his slumber and the White House dropped a bunker buster bomb for the cause of justice and announced the long deserved and commpletely appropriate.

 PARDON OF SECRET SERVICE AGENT ABRAHAM BOLDEN who was framed by the Secret Service for crimes he did not commit for his attempting to contact the Warren Commission in spring, 1964 and give them information about the problems of the Secret Service in the protection of President John Kennedy:
Web link: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2022/04/26/clemency-recipient-list/
The rumor is that the very powerful Cong. James Clyburn (D-SC) intervened with President Biden to make this happen.

Abraham W. Bolden, Sr. – Chicago, Illinois
Abraham Bolden is an 86-year-old former U.S. Secret Service agent and was the first African American to serve on a presidential detail.  In 1964, Mr. Bolden was charged with offenses related to attempting to sell a copy of a Secret Service file.  His first trial resulted in a hung jury, and following his conviction at a second trial, even though key witnesses against him admitted to lying at the prosecutor’s request, Mr. Bolden was denied a new trial and ultimately served several years in federal custody.  He has steadfastly maintained his innocence, arguing that he was targeted for prosecution in retaliation for exposing unprofessional and racist behavior within the U.S. Secret Service.  Mr. Bolden has received numerous honors and awards for his ongoing work to speak out against the racism he faced in the Secret Service in the 1960s, and his courage in challenging injustice.  Mr. Bolden has also been recognized for his many contributions to his community following his release from prison.  

Excellent Spartacus Educational bio on Abraham Bolden: Abraham Bolden (spartacus-educational.com)
I should also point out that for decades Abraham Bolden has been sitting on some huge information relating to the extremely toxic relationship between the Kennedys and Lyndon Johnson: sometime in early 1961 Abraham Bolden was present at the Oval Office when Vice President Lyndon Johnson was having a huge row with the Kennedys and LBJ hot as a pistol stormed out of the Oval Office saying “You Kennedys are going to get what is coming to you!!”

Robert Morrow Political Research Blog: Former Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden, age 87, is sitting on some huge information regarding the toxic relationship of the Kennedys and Lyndon Johnson

Abraham Bolden has never publicly told this story – he has told it to several JFK researchers – and he did not include it in his book the Echo from Dealey Plaza. As we celebrate with Abraham Bolden we should ask him to finally tell the broader public what he knows about Lyndon Johnson and the Kennedys and what he personally witnessed on that day on 1961.


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