HOLY SHIT! The EU Commissioner, Thierry Breton, warns Elon “There are rules”, and he must follow them and listen to the EU about moderating content online. This is EXTREMELY telling. 

First of all, what business does the EU have telling a private citizen of a non-European country, what he can and cannot do with his privately owned company? The EU can fuck right off. If they want to ban Twitter from individual countries, be my guest, but Elon doesn’t have to do shit. And he’s not concerned about your 6% fine for not listening to your bullshit rules. We have “fuck-you money” on our side now. 

But why is this so significant? It proves the FEAR of free speech introduced to Twitter, from GLOBAL AND FOREIGN oligarchs and establishment. As now, someone they do not control, now controls what their sheep will be exposed to on the internet. Which they can’t have happen if they want to remain in power. Mass awakening ends their reign. 

This also proves that the ongoing attack on conservatism and free speech is GLOBAL. And the control over US elections and public relations is part a GLOBAL agenda. A GLOBAL entity is at work to keep people across the planet blind to the truth of what’s happening to this world. 

Not that we needed it, but it’s just more proof that the deep state/Illuminati/globalists exist, and they are at war with Freedom of Speech. And they are very very concerned about the introduction of Free Speech, almost as if they have something to hide that they don’t want us talking about… 

Well they don’t want us talking about anything at all, but the biggest secret they are aiming to keep, is everything pertaining to C19. They can’t let people like me command the airwaves, spreading the truth that world governments conspired to create biological weapons and released it on the populace to generate government emergency powers, implement a one world global government and complete totalitarian control of all aspects of human life, under the guise of “public safety”. 

THATS why the EU are freaking out and issuing these statements. Because Free Speech poses an impassable obstacle to their operation. As soon as the public knows that C19 was man-made, and that factions within many world governments are coordinating the creation of more biological weapons and can create “pandemics” on command… it’s over. Even the most brainwashed of sheep won’t be able to rationalize that. They will all wake up. 

And think about how Free speech on the internet ties into the Russian military operation in Ukraine, and how the EU and NATO are represented by the same countries. How it behooves the countries of the EU and NATO to maintain their control of what information people are allowed to see, as both Russia and China are still accusing NATO and the US of creating biological weapons. 

It all ties together and they are telling you with their actions how important control of information is to their operation of keeping the world populace brainwashed. 

You best start believing in Orwellian Dystopias… you’re in one. 

Financial Times

Exclusive: The EU has warned Elon Musk that Twitter must comply with the bloc’s new digital rules under his ownership, or risk hefty fines or even a ban, setting the stage for a global regulatory battle over the future of the social media platform on.

Think about what is transpiring right now from the perspective of someone 30+ years from now. 

The history books and headlines will recall that one side of the aisle simply wanted an even playing field and advocated for free speech. While the other side screeched and threw a temper tantrum the likes of which the world has never seen, when presented with the possibility that people with opposing views would be allowed to express these views on the internet. 

Views that happened to be factually correct, like that there are US DoD funded Biolabs in Ukraine supported by US GOV documentation and congressional testimony via Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland, yet was labeled as “Russian Disinformation”… but I digress. 

Free Speech is the main pillar of American society and culture, and the Left are foaming at the mouth at the suggestion that people on the Right might be able to partake in this basic human right. 

Years in the future when the truth about C19 and the globalist cabal has long since been revealed, it will be known that the people who were not allowed to take part in Free Speech were actually correct about… pretty much everything. These people who were correct were shamed, discriminated, ostracized, silenced, censored, surveilled, fired from their jobs, etc. 

In 2017, I told everyone, to include my normie friends, that Twitter was hunting me, and Twitter was engaged in censoring conservatives. They all said I was a lunatic. Fast forward to 2022, they, along with the rest of the world, have accepted that conservatives and alternate narratives are not accepted on Twitter and most social media. The scariest part is, the liberals are not only are aware that conservatives are censored, THEY SUPPORT IT! They are largely unashamed and don’t care that they were wrong. To them, the ends always justify the means, no matter the cost.

This Elon/Twitter saga has completely exposed and solidified the left for what they are and what they support. They do not support American values or the Constitution. They support psychological brainwashing and manipulation of the masses, and censoring the truth to keep their dark deeds hidden from the public eye. It’s not hyperbolic to compare the modern day progressive movement to the propaganda and psychological brainwashing of 1930s Nazi Germany. In fact, with modern technology, the modern day left has easily surpassed the disturbing brainwashing practices of the National Socialist German Workers Party. 

You know how in today’s world, nobody can understand how citizens in 1930s-40s Germany were manipulated into supporting a genocidal maniac? That is EXACTLY how the future generations will look back on the modern day liberal. They won’t be able to comprehend how millions of citizens  could brazenly support such evil. 

This world is going to take a long time to heal from what we have gone through, but I can assure you, the aftermath will be remembered forever, and will deter future generations from making the same mistakes we did. 


I’m not sure what Elon is referring to when he says, “the right will probably be a little unhappy too”. 

We aren’t even allowed to be on the platform 😂 we just want to take part in conversation and not have our voices censored. Especially given the fact we were correct about everything. Meanwhile the left have gotten away with everything this entire time to include breaking the law by threatening and wishing ill will on the sitting POTUS under 4 years of Trump. Parading pictures of his severed head all over the place. Spreading mass disinformation about the Russian collusion nonsense, C19 numbers that were fake, etc. 

There’s nothing more they could do to make conservatives more unhappy. Approximately 18% of Biden voters claim that they wouldn’t have voted for Biden had they known the Hunter Biden laptop story was real. 

The only side who has anything to lose here is the left. The 10% of the conservatives who Elon claims he is going to make unhappy, are already as unhappy as it gets.

For those wondering why all my focus is on Twitter, is because of the impact it has in the global information war. It’s caused a mass discussion amongst the millennial and GenZ population. 

One of my best friends (normie) just sent me this link to Elon’s tweet. My friend is super intelligent, always been very neutral. He’s not a fan of trump but certainly not a fan of Democrats either. He’s never considered himself political, but the display currently being put on by the left, is forcing many sane centrists like himself into the category of “conservative”. 

Given how the left have responded to the Twitter buyout, and how they have solidified themselves as the “Anti-Free Speech Party”, the centrists feel abandoned by the left. In congruence with all of the other crazy policies and agendas that the left have adopted, especially over the past 6 years, the left continue to ostracize their supporters and shrink their base. 

I’ve been trying to tell you all, this Elon/Twitter saga is going to wake a significant chunk of the remaining normies. Everyone forgets Twitter has 1.3 BILLION users worldwide. Approximately 23% of all internet users have a Twitter account. And most importantly, this has been carried out directly in the public eye and this story is DOMINATING the normie media world. 

And the Dems are shamelessly showing their asses, front and center, for the whole world to see. Screeching like banshees at the proposal of the American standard, Free Speech. While simultaneously confirming they were engaged in politically charged censorship online and burying true reporting to run cover for Biden to alter public perception and thus the election.

It’s working so perfectly, it’s almost like it was planned. A slow, controlled, and organic destruction of the leftist ideology.