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Thoughts on the SCOTUS leak. 

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Politico got their hands on an alleged draft copy of the opinion for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

The left is going CRAZY over this. “This will end a woman’s right to choose!” “It’s the war on women!” The shrill cries claim.

(Now they care about binary genders?)

First, we don’t know if this is a legitimate leak or a fabrication intended to PUSH the left into a frenzy. Another “summer of love” just in time for the midterms.

Second, if it’s true, the opinion overturns Roe v. Wade which would allow states to regulate abortion as they saw fit. In California or New York, nothing would change. In Alabama, drastic changes might occur.

Third, this is a DRAFT. It’s not the opinion of the court, which means this document could be edited before the issue date. That’s commonly done. 

Fourth, Sam Alito wrote the opinion…and that’s very, very interesting. 

Let’s change gears for a minute and I’ll explain why the author of this opinion is so important. 

SCOTUS typically spreads out the authorship of controversial opinions. You won’t have one Justice write all of the far reaching or politically charged opinions for one term. You know who hasn’t written many opinions this term?

Justice Clarence Thomas

I can find only one so far: United States v. Tsarnaev.

If Sam Alito wrote the opinion for Dobbs, want to take a guess who’s writing NYSRPA v. Bruen?

If leftists think Alito stuck it to them with Dobbs overturning Roe v. Wade…

They have NO IDEA what’s coming with Bruen. Unlike Dobbs, Bruen WILL overturn state law. Specifically, CCW issuance policy. There’s also this, Justice Thomas has made clear his irritation at lower courts not respecting the Second Amendment. With Bruen, he has the opportunity to do something about it. 

Let me be clear, this won’t be a watered down opinion like we got in Heller. Gun owners couldn’t have hoped for a better justice to write the opinion. And get this: Bruen is looking increasingly more likely to be a sweeping change to gun control policy in the United States. 

Assault weapon bans

Magazine restrictions 

Carry restrictions 

Don’t count out these policies being overturned – All of it is on the table, and all of these laws are in GRAVE danger of being eviscerated in the opinion. I’ll stress, it’s impossible to guess what will be in the final opinion, but I’m CERTAIN of the following:

 1. May issue is DEAD. Never to be seen again.

 2. There will be strict orders to lower courts to treat the second amendment as the first. There will be  very little room for creative interpretation.

A dam is a strong structure. After all, it holds back millions of tons of water. All dams share one inherent weakness. Fill a dam past it’s capacity and let water flow over the top and you’ve started something that cannot be stopped. The dam will catastrophically fail causing a massive tidal wave and flood. If gun control is the dam to freedom, Bruen will be the water spilling over the top – and the edifice of gun control will begin to collapse, SUDDENLY & SPECTACULARLY 

The summer of love 2.0 May very well be blunted by the removal of repressive gun control laws in the form of immediate relief by the court.

It couldn’t come at a better time.

K Clancy’s response:

I’m of the opinion this was a calculated leak so as to soften the shock an awe.  However, this  issue is significant probably more than we realize. 

From 5000 feet up, some people believe that when America sanctioned the killing of the unborn over 50 years ago and we lost the sanctity of life, this began a  slow decline for America, a long dangerous slippery slope that literally has put us at this point where  a continuation of government plan needed to be put in place to hold it all together. What is left if we lose the sanctity of life?

Is it a coincidence that:

We have an illegitimate executive branch

We have systematic election fraud that hijacked the American  government.

We have corruption in numerous levels of our branches of government

We have a radical minority with power that wants to remove our Individual identity

We’re close to runaway inflation

We have leadership that wants to normalize pedophilia

We have a growing population of healthy young adults who are  suddenly coming down with  serious illnesses  

We have a shortage in the workforce

There’s a growing border crisis

to name just a few 

And then we have this leaked  Dobbs decision that could  row back Roe. I don’t believe in coincidences.

Not everybody connects America’s  loss of the sanctity of life to America’s current dilemma. I am one of those who does.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. We WILL stand up for what is RIGHT. The rights of the unborn , free speech , & the second amendment !!! The GOVERNMENT better not step in the way. If so , we call it TYRANNY !!!!! We will dissolve the Government & set up a new one !!!!! It’s time to lead , not to whine !!!!!!!!!!

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