Global Power Is Changing Hands Behind The Curtain

It was yet another fine week in the world of Fringe Finance, with our readership set to top 20,000 on our email list. This week, we had over 90,000 reads on our site and more than 100,000 reads on sites where we syndicate, like our kind friends at Zero Hedge.

Toward the end of the week, I wrote a piece asking about two different news items I noticed that led me to believe the U.S. was gearing up for war with Russia. That piece is here, and there has been a great response and discussion from my subscribers about the content of it that I’d love to include you in as a subscriber.

On Friday, I wrote about how ARK “investment manager” Cathie Wood appears to be the only person left in the financial world – or otherwise – who doesn’t seem to understand that the gravy train for the stock market is officially over: Cathie Wood And The Definition Of Investing Insanity

I have been critical of ARK Invest, and their flagship ARKK “Innovation” ETF since the inception of this blog, noting last November – before inflation became an issue, before the war in Ukraine and before the market decided to take a king-sized shit – that Wood’s success seemed superficial and based on temporary trade-winds that were bound to change direction.

Earlier in the week, I talked about the Roe v. Wade leak as a piece of political strategy. Namely, I asked whether or not it made sense to leak the decision now and whether or not it would benefit the Democrats: Democrats’ Roe v. Wade “Silver Bullet” Could Backfire Heading Into November Elections

Not only was this week’s leak confirming that the Supreme Court was going to strike down Roe v. Wade unprecedented behavior that undermines our nation’s most prestigious court, it also happens to involve one of the most debated and talked about judiciary decisions in human history, I wrote.

I also wrote this week about how Russia and China are likely both returning to the gold standard. No sooner was it that I wrote an article talking about how Russia was going to back the ruble with gold than “one of the Russia’s most powerful security/intelligence officers and a close ally of Putin” has admitted the country’s intentions to do just that: Russia Is Returning To The Gold Standard And China Is Going To Be Next

Finally, this week I published thoughts by one of my favorite investment managers, Mark Spiegel on why he thinks “Tesla is Netflix” and why he thinks the market has a lot further to fall: “Tesla Is Netflix” And “This Stock Market Is Going Much Lower”: Mark Spiegel

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