Durham Prosecution and Sussmann Defense Outline Trial Witnesses

[…] Robby Mook, who managed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Clinton campaign attorney Marc Elias and FBI counterintelligence leader Bill Priestap and former top FBI lawyer James Baker are among those called as government witnesses, said prosecutor Andrew DeFilipiis. (link)

Additionally, Laura Seago, a top tech official at research firm Fusion GPS (she has immunity in exchange for testimony); Deborah Fine, a Clinton campaign lawyer; and a CIA official identified as Kevin B are also on the prosecution list.

The prosecution calling Marc Elias as a witness looks like a great opportunity for: (1) evidence against him for later use; and/or (2) a perjury trap.

The defense planning to call Inspector General Michael Horowitz puts the office of the IG into a suspicious position.

Source: theconservativetreehouse.com

Kash Patel explains why the judge in the Sussmann trial ruled over the weekend that Durham must limit the evidence he uses in court. 

Nothing to worry about. It sounds like the judge is hinting to Durham that he doesn’t need to use certain evidence at this point in time because he already has a firm case. 

Essentially, Durham should save his ammunition for the larger conspiracy case. 

“John Durham might not want to let out of the bag – just yet – that he has a charge conspiracy coming or sealed.”