But I am claiming bragging rights for breaking this news here last night.

Now others are discovering the contents of the 5-part BOMBSHELL report I posted here on this site last night.

To wit, Brian Cates just posted (4:37pm) this (4:34 pm) report from Bio Clandestine on his Telegram channel:


I’m going to break this one up into multiple posts with supporting docs and photos so you all can follow along. The Western of world needs to see this.

Russian military recently dropped a new finalized report on the entire US Biological weapons scheme… They claim the the 4 masterminds atop the biological weapons network are Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, and George Soros. As well as 12 other NATO countries knew of and assisted the US in this operation to develop biological weapons. They also include the US pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Moderna, and others. 

It’s difficult to find legitimate western sources to share this information, as none of them are addressing this at all. Complete radio silence on Russia accusing the sitting president and past 3 Democrat president families of being responsible for C19 and the US biological weapons network in Ukraine. And the Chinese military are in agreement with Russia and their findings. Complete blackout on Western Media.

Now, let’s go directly to Bio Clandestine’s channel to see if he has posted everything I posted last night…


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