Bio Clandestine (Telegram) continues breaking down the Russian Military briefing report:

Now that you all have had some time to digest the initial wave, let me go into the rest of the details on the slides, and how it pertains to the greater global situation. 

I first want to look at this translated slide.

Russian Military alleges this is a veterinary clinic in Mariupol, Ukraine. Used as a means for stashing and transporting “microbial cultures”, meaning they were GROWING and forcing pathogens to reproduce.

If true, this would make a lot of sense as to why the Nazi forces in Ukraine were so desperately trying to hold on to Mariupol, and why it has been such a focus of Russian Military for some time. 

Russian Military has been speaking specifically about a veterinary facility for months, and it turns out this is why. 

After Russia took Mariupol and gathered this intel, they claimed the Special Military Operation is complete and Putin put on a celebratory military parade. 

You all said you wanted proof, and Russia gave it to you. The only question is, whose going to hold the US accountable?