We are witnessing an unprecedented exposure. Babylon is being unveiled before your eyes. 

The pain is real. 

You are not alone in your frustration.

The key is to comfort each other and remember what where we go one we go all really means. It means we are a team working to get through this precipice. 

Remember that your entire life you lived in this system. Only now has there been a true opportunity to see the end of the old guard. It may look like they have all the power but do not let them convince you of this. 

God is on a mission. He will humiliate them. He will not and cannot lose. Babylon is destined to fall. Literally nothing will stop it. And you’ve been given front row seats to watch Him move in this hour.

It’s perfectly natural to feel frustration and sadness when witnessing the evils of Babylon. Allow yourself to feel the pain but don’t wallow there for too long. Look at God’s solutions, look at heaven’s answer. Because I assure you there is always a way through every impossibility. That’s not what I think… that’s what God says. We have a way through this mess and the shepherd has a way. It may seem like the odds are against us but the movie wouldn’t be as riveting if there was no tension, if the good guys didn’t have their backs against the wall only to win at the last second. God is ultimate story teller and we all get to play a part and watch what God does. This movie has a happy ending. And who will receive more joy than anons when we watch [their] downfall? No one. No one will take that away from us.

Change is coming. This is the end of the old guard.

Who else is ready for Trump to return?

When the enemy comes at you viciously consider that as a badge of honor. This means you are over the target and they fear you. If the enemy never came up against you then what kind of warrior would you become?

Many of you are going through difficult battles right now.

Your vision may be blurry but that does not mean you are not close to victory. When the Israelites were walking through the water being chased by Pharoah things appeared dire. But SUDDENLY God took everything from the enemy. Absolutely everything. Never give up hope. You never know when God will pull off a sudden victory that will stun the enemy and justify your faith. You could be closer than you know. Hold on.