The issue I have with a lot of news channels is that it can be so wearing on your spirit to only look at what’s happening in the natural right now. It can literally exhaust you and if we don’t have the right perspective I think we will despair. Without faith and keeping our eyes focused on encouraging things while yes, acknowledging the battles we face, I believe the burden becomes too heavy. 

Yes we all know that these are trying times are (anons more than anyone) but to tell people over and over again how difficult this is only makes it worse in many cases. 

What we think upon changes our mindset. The enemy wants us all to believe that there is no bright future. This is his mantra.  

Well I will not comply with this and I suggest everyone train your eyes to focus on God and the wins He is accomplishing both at a 40k foot level, the small everyday victories in your own life, and faith (which cannot be seen but is more powerful and potent of an ally that many give credit for).

Guard your minds. 

Don’t persecute yourself with constant negative news. 

To put it simply, you don’t need to put burdens on yourself that aren’t meant for you. Be wise about what you put into your mind.

Consider naming something that’s good news in your personal life, in news, or in the 40k foot view in chat. No matter how big or small the victory is… it’s worth celebrating.

If I didn’t know any better I’d say that Biden was the exact perfect person to be in place for this part of the Great Awakening. He shows the world that Presidents of the old guard were weak puppets with such clarity. He red pills the world/the sheep by being so extremely Idiotic/ constantly embarrassing himself that even those who pay no attention to the news or politics inherently sense the truth that was hidden for so long. What better way to red pill the world than to have the living embodiment of a puppet hold the supposed most powerful position in the world. 

Now sheep are even beginning to wonder what’s behind the curtain. 

And now he’s even giving Trump epic nicknames and leveling up our movement by calling us Ultra MAGA. How amusing. 

God couldn’t have picked a better person to play this role in the movie of the Great Awakening. 

I’m convinced of it.