Sealed Indictments

Listen to Kash talk about the Sealed Indictments that Durham has here

Kash Patel explains that John Durham did NOT suffer a big blow when the judge denied certain evidence to be admitted into the Sussmann trial. 

Kash thinks that the judge is actually goading Durham into charging the other defendants with a conspiracy – which he may have already done and it’s under seal. 

Things are getting very interesting…

Then read Q 1351

4 year Delta 


Peter Strzok has been caught lying red-handed and has big problems coming his way, according to Kash. 

“Now John Durham has caught him lying. I think he’s got big trouble from a prosecution perspective.”

Hand-written notes have surfaced that show Andy McCabe, who was #2 at the FBI, knew from the beginning that there was no link between Alfa Bank & President Trump. 

And by the way, these notes are from a meeting with all the Russiagate players (including the Attorney General!) who set out to frame President Trump. 

To clarify, they all knew that what they were peddling was complete bullshit. KNOWINGLY trying to take down the duly elected POTUS.

–TheStormHasArrived 17

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  1. Tired of talking about the pain. So far, we feel all the pain !! Just be PATIENT, we’ll get used to it !!! It’s time to give them pain !!!!!

      1. The $64 Billion dollar question: Will AG Merritt Garland do the right thing and prosecute his club buddies or will he act stupid like he has in every hearing he’s been questioned?

        I’ll go with the latter since he’s in deep kimchi with his handling of the southern border with his pal DHS head Mayorkas. His treasonous actions, or lack of rule of law actions, should nullify his powers as US Attorney General.

        Weaponizing the DoJ against US citizens – parents – won’t fare well for him either. The arrogant sociopath midget Mayorkas should hang from the same Traitors’ Gallows as Garland, among others.

        1. Post # 1351

          What happens if FED [criminal] indictments are brought forth to a corrupt FBI / DOJ / FED Judge?
          FBI / DOJ – 1st.
          C_A / State – next?
          Now comes the pain.

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