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Julian Assange speaking in 2011: “The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe through Afghanistan and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war” #Afghanistan

The Colonel’s Corner posts this:

Read this Assange quote. Then visualize standing in front of every one of the amputees and mentally damaged military member in our country (and our “partners”) and explaining to them to their face that there is a criminal cartel running the government of the US, with members in the US Congress (who work for them NOT us) who “votes” for trillions of their tax dollars knowing they are likely to be used to kill or maim them and they don’t care.  They will receive millions passed to their foundations. They will have bio weapons labs named in their honor in foreign countries where you will be murdered by their cartel. We weren’t honorable military serving the greatest country in the world. We were mercenaries sent to facilitate the riches of a cartel who has infiltrated our great nation. They are the most despotic corrupt regime and will stop at nothing to perpetuate their money laundering activities in our name. But have faith, we are watching the methodical exposing of their network by SC Durham and it is now our turn to watch them be exposed one by one. That’s the true meaning of you’re “watching a show.” For those of us who were sacrificed in some way on their battlefield of corruption this has a very special meaning. 

2011: “The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe through Afghanistan and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war” 

Brian Cates responded with this:

👆👆👆Look at the Assange quote in detail, first the video of him saying and then the transcript.  

What do you learn? 

You learn there is no mystery whatsoever about why Afghanistan became The Neverending War. 

It was a front for a massive money laundering operation, one of several internationally.  

And it wasn’t just a money-laundering front for the political elite class around the world. 

It was a money-laundering front and a literal cash machine for the Military Industrial Complex.  Defense contractors and defense lobbyists pulled hundreds of billions of dollars for themselves out of the Afghanistan cash cow over the 20 years we were there.


This is why McMaster, Kelley, some of the military top brass turned on him. 

When they realized towards end of the 2nd year of Trump’s term as President that they were not going to be successful in talking him out of the Afghan withdrawal.

No matter how they tried to influence Trump or intimidate him out of his stated intention, he insisted on going through with it.

Yes, the rank and file military is very pro-Trump.

The higher up the chain you go, however, you’re going to find fewer and fewer Trump fans.

Losing Afghanistan cost this international cabal trillions of dollars in profits. It cost the MIC hundreds of billions of dollars in yearly profits.

Now the remaining big money-laundering site becomes even more important to them than ever. 

Guess where the OTHER big money-laundering site for the international cabal and the MIC is found?  

I’d give you three guesses but most of you are going to need one….

That’s right.


Now  you know why the international cabal and the MIC is so desperate to save Ukraine from going down that they are shipping FORTY BILLION DOLLARS OF YOUR MONEY in a futile gambit to stave off the inevitable.  

Not only was Ukraine functioning as a money-laundering cash cow for the international political global jet set and the MIC’s in about a dozen western countries, they had all kinds of really vile crap going on there with the biolabs, the baby factories and the drug/human trafficking.  

There’s a reason Ukraine was so very attractive to these people.  Where else are you gonna find ultra-nationalist fanatics you can bribe to do revolting things that normal people just won’t do?  Establish vile industries that reap profits for you in the hundreds of billions every year – all off the books?   

Most of this  activity began in earnest in 2014, when the legitimately elected government of Ukraine was toppled and replaced with a US State Department puppet regime.

Next: Cates posted this from Karma Patriot:

First pic was two days ago…….2nd pic is today.

Amazon now WILL NOT ship formula to the United States. 🤨

Have you noticed how the topics that affect moms -like school boards, CRT, abortion, baby formula- are the GAME CHANGERS.

Momma (as my kids call me) don’t play.

From NYFlip:


This is very visual proof of the coordination between the federal government, big tech & blackrock/vanguard backed corporations.

Any decent journalist could wake the people up easily with this situation alone.


👆👆👆The Great Awakening = Moms will be FORCED to WAKE UP and PAY ATTENTION when it affects their kids.

The bad news for the political elite jet set cabal and the MIC that’s been working hand-in-glove with them for the past 40 years is that NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING. 

They’re being exposed. 

Despite months of Fake News coverage of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, they can’t stop Putin from exposing every rotten thing they were doing there.  

And you can quote me on that.

/end thread

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  1. The Nestle Company has been ‘involved’ for quite awhile. Not a surprise they are up to nothing good here. Way back in the stone age, there was no POWDERED baby formula to mess with; Moms bought cans of CARNATION evaporated milke, NO ADDITIONAL ADDITIVES TO MAKE BABY SICK OR FILLED WITH ESTROGEN TO MAKE THEM EFFIMINATE). This was the prescribed baby milk formula for infants in the 1920’s 30s’, 40’s, and 50’s. Add water to suit, about 40% to %50% water to canned milk.
    New Subject: ELECTION CHEATING HAS STARTED IN GEORGIA. I have received a letter from the Gwinnett County Board of Vote Registrations and Elections, USPS mailed to my home showing the adressee as HOUSEHOLE OF /HOGAR DE….;. someone I have never heard of. I have been the only person, (single, widow) at my home address for over 15 yearrs, and at my previous address for 25 years. Two friends in different areas have also received these letters with some foreign names listed at their addresses….. also single people who have owned their homes for many years.
    So, this looks like the new way to cheat. My friends and i will all go to the Gwinnett County Courthouse on Monday to get this sorted out. I will post the results later on Monday.
    If anyone has an idea as to who to report this to, I will be grateful to know of it. From Governor , Sec. of State, Atty General, on down to County Offices, all are Dem/Comm controlled. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Georgia Representative in Congress, represents a different County, so messages out of her Zip Code cannot be sent/received. State senators are Jon Ossofff and Ralph Warnock, who are definitely Socialist Democrats are not likely to help with this. Thanks for any information…. have you ever experienced this in your state?

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