Watching 2000 Mules was enlightening. Many of us knew the 2020 election was stolen but the scope of the actual operation as detailed by the movie was rather breathtaking. I believe we can look at 2000 mules to prove, once again, that devolution has been implemented.

Let’s remember what I said in “An Introduction To Devolution”:

Donald Trump knew the election was going to be stolen. He told us they were using Covid to implement mass mail-in voting. The scheme laid out in 2000 Mules is how they have stolen elections for years. They knew in 2020 they would need far more votes than ever before. They still fell short, maybe because they believed their own fake polls. 

The movie goes over an organized criminal operation using “mules” to hit multiple drop boxes over a period of time. What is mind-blowing is that they were still far short of what they needed to steal the election. That’s why they had to literally stop counting on election night. They needed to bring in even more ballots and pull whatever they had under the tables and scan ballots multiple times. The shenanigans that took place the night of the election was in addition to the ballot trafficking scheme we saw in 2000 Mules

Yes, the magnitude was that massive. They used ballot trafficking and mass dumps of ballots the night of, but it was even more than that. Don’t forget the circumstantial evidence of cyber interference and vote switching in the voting machines that took place which I have discussed extensively in this series already. Remember the tweet I showed in Devolution – Part 1:

Trump knew, and he was right about everything.

We are called crazy for knowing the reality of our elections but it’s really easy to pull off when you have the right people in the right positions in all the major cities running our elections and then the media, willing and complicit to cover it up completely. 

The focus of this article is going to be mostly on ballot trafficking. Just like he knew in 2012 that the machines were compromised, Trump knew they were going to use ballot harvesting.

2016 Voter Fraud

Trump caused a media frenzy during his first Presidential run when he stated that he should have won the popular vote in 2016. A simple search around the time period of 2016 will show numerous headlines on the topic. Almost all of them are “debunking” his “unproven” claims:

Snopes has a pretty good summary of what Trump said:

Politifact was kind enough to cite 7 further examples of Trump claiming voter fraud surrounding the 2016 election alone:

Leading up to the 2020 election, with Covid-19 in full swing, Trump began specifically calling out ballot harvesting. 

From Politifact


One specific case of Trump calling out ballot harvesting and calling for an investigation came after Project Veritas released footage implicating Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar. From the NY Post:

There’s more. Much more.

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