Jack Posobiec posts the following: BREAKING: New #SusquehannaPR poll show PA is now down to a 2-way race between Oz and Barnette. Undecideds breaking for Barnette, per Susquehanna PA poll today.

Remember how Romney voted to confirm pro-choice KBJ last month? 

That’s how Dr Oz would be.

That Oz video supporting trans surgery for minors…wow

Notice #DrOz has never even *attempted* to explain his reasoning behind supporting trans surgery for minors 

He just attacks anyone who asks about him 

Disqualifying, to say the least

McCormick – traditional Republican

Barnette – populist Republican

Dr Oz – Dr Oz

BREAKING: Kathy Barnette SURGES in PA GOP poll—now neck and neck with Dr. Oz, McCormick fades

Oz, who was endorsed by former President Trump, has been taking hard hits over the past week as Barnette, and her story have captured the hearts of Pennsylvanians.

BREAKING: Kathy Barnette SURGES in PA GOP poll—now neck and neck with Dr. Oz as McCormick fades


Oz: Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gun Control

Fetterman: Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gun Control

I think it’s hilarious people talking about Oz vs Fetterman when these guys have literally the same stances on almost every cultural issue

BREAKING: NBC is now attacking Kathy Barnette for attending President Trump’s rally on Jan 6 and peacefully walking down the street afterwards

Oh no! Kathy Barnette marched at a Trump rally! Why hasn’t she been arrested for this!

Wait MSNBC is calling Kathy Barnette a white supremacist now? Hold up…